Reason for having a co2 tank refilled at the store

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  1. When going to a place to get a co2 tank filled/refilled what is a good explanation to give for the use of the gas if the question was ever asked. What would the average person be doing with co2 in the first place. The only thing I could think of would be to say I've got a keg-o-rator at my home. What other uses would someone have for a large co2 tank that are believable.
  2. kegerator
    paintball tanks
    scientific/chemical processes
    wine making
    food grade refridgerant

    just a few i could think of. theres proabably more. i used to play paintball and you go through a lot of the stuff if you play with a bunch of people who use CO2 so that would probably be my excuse
  3. Paintball is a good excuse. You use a lot in a few games. So you buy co2 in bulk.
  4. Tell them straight up that it's none of there buisness and if they give you shit tell them you're talking to their manager
  5. I use the welding excuse :) I actually just traded in the CO2/Argon cylinder off my welder for a 35lb co2 tank so I didn't have to buy a cylinder. Anyone that does a decent amount of welding is going to use up 50lb a month of co2 anyway so it shouldn't raise any questions.
  6. Paintball and they shouldn't question it whatsoever.
  7. smoke 2 has it tell them to fucking beat it and fill my tank u dont have to explain shit lol
    but if u think u have too than say paintball but even that isnt too convincing because i work at a store and we always fill atleast 4 or 5 at a time and the tanks are rented so they already no we are a paintball store but say whatever tell them u get high off it lol.
  8. paintball would be the best say its your hobby and you go to big games if they ask but youll most likely just say your a paintball fanatic
  9. I would just tell them to not worry about it and to fill the fooking tank if they ask.
  10. And they would most likely tell you to take your attitude and hit the bricks. Sure its none of thier business, but getting plain old rude will just have you looking for another welding supply house. Paintball is the best reason outside of welding man. I used to work for a plumbing supply house, and if someone came in and asked for a part, and I asked what they were using it for (more then likely to make sure they are using the right part for the job) and they replied with "None of your F'ing business" I would tell them to take thier F'ing business elsewhere.

    Your best bet is to keep it simple and dont draw any uneeded attention to yourself. Go in and tell them what you need like you do it once a week already with confidence, and they wont ask ya squat. Goodluck bro.
  11. or if you are in the states most sporting goods stores with paintball guns refill co2
  12. This is what I told the guy (not kidding):

    I scuba dive and compressed air is just too expensive.

    The guy said "I hear that" and gave me my change.
  13. Hahah, I remember you saying this before. Hilarious..
  14. anyone ever sue a hydro store to fill theri tank? lol, I dont go near those anyway becasue here they get watched, here is weed hell. But What other flower is so popular that you would use co2. Poppies? rofl, no joke i just ordered one from a legal old gardening lady on line.

    african violets?

    anyway. . .
  15. Paintball ftw!

    And remember the pressure boosters for your space ship is also acceptable.
  16. your cold and you release the co2 into the atmosphere to assist in global warming...

    tell em your a fan of greenhouse gases, and want to melt glaciers!
  17. I have 2 - 20 lbs tanks filled at the welder supply every week and a half and have never once been asked what I use the gas for.
  18. Rumple, I can't wait until I need to refill my tank. I have to try out the diving excuse, that's one of the funniest things I've read on here.

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