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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by budandshrooms, May 10, 2010.

  1. my retarded ass parents completely dissaprove of me smoking and want me to quit before college. i have told them its just not gunna happen. they know i smoke almost everyday and know i have been smoking since i was 15. i also skateboard basically everday. so they took ALL my skateboard related stuff (excluding backpack and clothes) and wont give it back untill i test clean once, then 2 weeks later and then another two weeks later. my mom really supoports me skateboarding and loves that i do it, she is also alot more open to new things and after years of trying to convince her to let me smoke she is finally comin to accept that its not a bad thing as she was raised to believe. they said its their only option to make me stop. its been like a month and a half and i have been tryn to wait them out, so last friday i decided to take a break and my mom said theat if i pass just one then she would be cool with giving me my stuff back.

    should i give in or am i only hurting myself by letting them control my weed smoking? or is it gunna help my parents accept it cuz they feel like they have control? or make it worse? ineedhelpplzzzzz

    also i weigh about 125 and im about 5'7" , how long til i can finally be reunited mith my shredstick and my thaistick?
  2. If I were you I'd just pass one the tests, your parents just want the best for you; they're not trying to make you miserable. Take a little tolerance break, get your shit back and toke up again would be the best thing to do. Trust me, you'll have plenty of time in college to smoke whenever/wherever you want.
  3. Well, you are living with them. They are the ones providing food and shelter and are providing the clothes on your back so I don't think you're being very grateful by calling them retarded. I say you stay clean until they either change their mind or you move out.
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    Pass the test once at least once, after that it's whatever. At least then you'll show them you can stop and you're not addicted.

  5. I'd prolly do this if I were in your shoes^
    And consider yourself lucky, some people can't quit smoking weed for a week, I know I get some AWFUL cravings sometimes :rolleyes:
  6. Like roks said, they're your parents. You live in their house, eat their food, and mooch off of them. When you're under their roof, what they say goes.

    Just do what they say man. Think about it like this: say you decide you're gonna smoke anyways, and they catch you and get super pissed off. For the rest of the time you live at home they probably wont trust you enough to get up off your back. They'll constantly ask where you're going, who's gonna be there, all that shit. Instead you could just do what they say, and that'll prove to them that you are 100% trustworthy.
  7. My 2 week T-break lasted 2 days... :smoking:
  8. I would sure as hell rather be skateboarding then getting high, thats just me though,
  9. Honestly you need to grow up.

    You started this thread with "My retarded ass parents"

    Come on.

    Neg rep for disrespecting the people who CREATED YOU and for the people who know what is best for you.
  10. .. Even if it doesn't always seem that way.
  11. Since the first sentence "Since I was 15, its not gonna happen" I've been contemplating your stonerness. And after I read the fact that you think clothes and backpacks make a skater are making me doubt your ability to skate. Sounds a bit like a poseur to me. But seriously, its their house, their rules. If you don't like it MOVE OUT.

    Lots of blades have this problem. The solution is either stop smoking or move out. Its a very simple solution. Get a job and start contributing to society. Also, since you're still living with them I assume they are gonna pay for your college. If you don't quit they will most likely revoke payment and you will be royally fucked. Clean up, and take a nice long T Break till college. Not to mention, I found out in high school that a passion for skateboarding is not conducive to good grades. Its very hard to secure and maintain a good GPA while skateboarding after school every chance you get. I stopped skating so intensely about 10th grade when I started thinking about college. Good luck.
  12. Your parents want whats right for you. If you dont agree, move out and live on your own and prove them wrong. Otherwise get with the program, see their side of things and grow up.

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