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  1. So, 6 months ago, I got into a car accident. My abs system went out and I smacked into the back of another car. Well, the cop claimed it was the abs. All I know, I was hitting the breaks like normal, I heard something lock I heard my tires sliding across the road and i rear-ended some elder lady.
    So, in my trunk was a huge speaker box that was as long as the seats and took up half the trunk. When the truck came to a stop, that speaker box flew over the back seats and slammed into my back putting a ton of pressure on my ribs. Both back and front because I had no air bag apparently and I slammed into the steering wheel. 3 days later I see a doctor about the pain. I hate doctors. I believe in walking it off before I have some fancy pants coat wearing doctor trying to tell me to just take some meds, and it'll be fine. They tell me I have a rib wall contousion. Take ib profin and get some rest. I'll be fine in a few weeks.
    6 months later(today to be exact). I went to the ER because for the past 3 days It's felt like someone is constantly punching me in the ribs right where they said the Contousion was. So, I fill out paperwork, they do a quick blood pressure/temp. Then have me sit in a room with a bed. When I finally see the doctor(it was a slow day maybe one other patient in ER). She told me to take deep breaths while she listened to my heart, felt around to figure out where the pain was on my ribs and feel for anything abnormal. Then told me she'd be right back with something for the pain. Administration comes in... they tell me it's a non emergency. O.O I was in tears i was in so much pain this morning. I had to pretty much crawl into my lifted truck because it hurt so much to climb into it. And he told me inless i have $350 up front they can't do anything to help me. What type of fucking medical system is that, you know? If i would've known they'd just throw me out the door like trash and try to tell me im not an emergency... I wouldn't have went in the first place. Anyone else have a bad experience like this with medical?

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    Umm, I've never been denied medical care at the ER, because every patient has the right to be seen, with or without insurance or money, at least that's how it is here..

    Also, sorry ): I hope you feel better.
  3. Yeah, ib profin is helping my pain, and my boss was cool with me not pulling or lifting any pallets without a doctor's note. So, that made my night a little easier. I found out from a friend that they probably profiled me as a pill farmer as they tend to do that to just about anyone in in pain. -.-
  4. Well maybe you should check out another hospital next time, because they can't deny you like that. Always think everyone's after the meds, lol.
  5. Happy to be Canadian...

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