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Really worried after smoking - persisting numbness/tingling

Discussion in 'Apprentice Tokers' started by Nolando17, Apr 27, 2009.

  1. Hey everyone,

    I smoked up about five days ago at a friend's house, and I have since felt a sometimes overwhelming numbness in seemingly random parts of my body. My friend is a paramedic and ruled out heart attack, stroke, etc, and says my blood pressure and heart rate are normal. The weed was not laced, as my friends who smoked with me are fine. One (who has very high tolerance) smoked less than me and said he felt somewhat similar the day after, but my problems have been ongoing for five days now. I have started taking B12 and Niacin within the hour, am starting exercise, and am going to take a smoking break until this clears up in hopes of flushing my system. It was much more than I have ever smoked before, so I can understand why this might happen but I'm still kind of worried as you may suspect.

    Basically I was wondering if this is a reaction that would imply that I have done permanent damage, as I am very worried the symptoms will not go away. They are very in and out - one second I feel absolutely fine and the next I feel horrible, leading me to believe that the damage isn't permanent, but I'm not sure. The symptoms have reduced in intensity from one day to the next but are still sometimes crippling to my ability to function. Any tips on helping it go away faster?

    Thanks in advance for the feedback.
  2. Didn't you research? If you do too much you can die from marijuana. Looks like that's what's happening to you, you're dying buddy :(

    Just kidding. I wouldn't worry about it, sometimes I can get ghost highs a week after I smoke without smoking any more.
  3. You probably just smoked some chronic. Don't worry about it man
  4. Well theres probably a lot more THC pumping thru you than normal since your not an avid smoker, it takes a while for it to flush out of your system. Especially if your not in shape.
  5. Don't worry about it. No affects from marijuana are permanent. Just stop smoking for a few weeks and you'll be back to normal.

    If you ever decide to smoke again and this happens, then maybe marijuana isn't for you.. It isn't for everyone ya know.

    - And to the guy who said he gets "ghost highs" without smoking.... Sorry to break the news to you, but that's called feening.
    Essentially the same thing as getting a whiff of weed smell randomly without being around it for weeks, or tasting bud without smoking for weeks. Just yours is more intense.

    OP - Don't worry my brotha, you'll be back to your norm in no time.
  6. I get that tingling and numbness all the time if I smoke a lot of weed. For the next few days I feel it and absolutely love it. All warm and fuzzy. :)
  7. Don't worry, when I started smoking a long time ago, I got it too. Except, I enjoyed it. :/

    You'll be fine, it'll go away once you get the THC out of your body. Drink a lot of water if you want it to pass quickly.
  8. I've been smoking weed occasionally for two years. Usually just feel really good and happy, but the last four times I've smoked I feel too high. My hands go numb, and all my feelings of my body moving or being touched are delayed. wtf.... i can still think clearly and act normal, but at the same time i feel like im in the freakin matrix.
  9. That's what being high is like man, sometimes that just happens, the numbness could be a pinched nerve, other than that you sound very very hypocondriatic (sp?) heart attacks/strokes you'd definately know you had lol it honestly sounds like smoking just isn't that enjoyable for you, or whatever ur smoking currently isn't the right kind of weed for you try somethin different, and try not smoking as much less is more til you feel desired effects other than that chill bro no one's ever died from smoking weed, unless you can consume 4000 lbs in 15 minutes it's impossible to OD.
  10. Yea this happens to me all the time, especially when im falling asleep, but i love it. its just your body draining thc into your blood stream, giving you a mini high for a few minutes. Its a hint that your tolerance is dropping everytime that happens, which is a good thing. it usually doesnt happen past 2 weeks, but dont worry about it, its very natural and it should be enjoyed. i Assure you there is nothing wrong with you and you are in no danger. You will be fine to smoke as much weed as you want.
  11. no idea what hypocondriatic is, but yeah i had a heart attack a year and a half ago and im only 18, it was from myocarditis. get this my whole life ive been in sports and have gotten A's and B's, even in college, my parents found some weed and my pipe in my truck, and now my parents said that im a low-life, loser, and so on....... hahaha
  12. I've smoked for years and yes occasionally it happens when you smoke very good stuff you could get the numb tingles but they usually go away with in a few minutes. If you have it after a few minutes get up, stretch and get some water. It is true though there are some people who just can't handle smoking, so maybe take a little break and than next time you smoke try not to smoke nearly as much and maybe just take the time to rebuild your tolerance. Well hope it helps!

  13. ive been having the same numbness feeling after smoking and still hasnt gone away and i also had a heart attack a year and a half ago from myocarditis and and am also 18.. so my question is, how did you get rid of the numbness? or did it just go away? thats kind of strange that we both would have that same problem given our medical history and all
  14. Did the numbness ever dissapear? Im having the same issue. I feel like im playing a video game character , like im controlling myself but theres no sensation and delay in thought process.. It is intermittent and comes and go. I was also on a high fat low carb diet. I took 3 bong hits (keef?) . On day 4 of this..anyone?
  15. lol you were just really high man. that "movie" feeling is high. the other two guys i think had a medical issue i know weed causes arrythmias and lowered blood pressure so its not too surprising
  16. I've had this happen a couple of times
    The first time I was worried but it went away within a week I believe.
    Don't worry man, keep smoking.
    But if you're that worried just lay off or a while.
    I just call them weed hangovers.

  17. edibles?
  18. I just got my first high 3 days ago and still feel numb from it on most of my body (mostly my face). Even my taste is half gone. Hoping it will go away in a few days here... Also, I didn't smoke it, I ate a cookie...
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    Can't say I've ever heard of it lasting that long. If you are otherwise a healthy person, I'd say don't worry about it and stop dwelling on it. It could be that your are just being paranoid. The more you dwell on it the more you will feel like you have the symptoms your are describing. Mind over matter bro.
    I used to have chest pains all day every day and I was conviced I had heart problems. Went to the doctor and went through a battery of tests which turned out completely clean. As soon as I stopped thinking I had chest problems, the pain went away.
    Just relax. Maybe stretch, go for a run, and get your blood pumping.
  20. i am a prolific smoker. i smoke nothing but chronic and have for years. i smoke about 10-12 blunts daily. recently i was smoking one night and my whole body started tingling and my arms and legs went numb for a while. i was scared. i tried smoking a cpl days in a row after that n my right arm went numb everytime, i went to the dr and all my vitals was fine. i got an xray and they told me i had pinched nerves in my back. ive been clean 91 days now, this is the longest ive ever gone without smoking since i was 15 and im 33 now. i plan to try to smoke again soon i just dont know when. the symptoms from my pinched nerves are getting better but not gone yet. i hope this helps. see if u have any pinched nerves in ur back

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