really want to get this growing shit down!!!

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  1. but its maddddd confusing. is there like a kit i can buy? like has something to germinate in,grow in, comes with the right soild and nutrients and root accelerator and stuff? that would be a reeeeaaaall relief!
  2. i spent an assload on the pc planter by sunlight solutions. i'd recommend it as well as hours of research on this forum for anyone serious about starting and has deep pockets.

    the more i've had to make modifications though for the hostile growing enviro i live in and the more i've learned, the more I wish I went 100% DIY (do it yourself!)
  3. Hi..

    You are correct... there are many variables to growing good mj. Once you figure out where your going to grow (indoors or out, build your own grow room or get a grow tent, ...), then you have to decide if your going to do soil or hydro.. if you decide on hydro, then you have to decide on which hydro method!:eek:

    There are 'complete' kits that would contain most everything you would need (I know HTG Suppply has some.. Complete Grow Kits ), but it is sometimes cheaper to get what you need.

    The best advice is to read.. read.. and read! The stickies at the beginning of each of the sections are a wealth of information. This is where I started when I decided to grow three years ago.

    Good Luck!

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