Really stupid skillet accident

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by ohsohigh, Aug 14, 2012.

  1. Today during a fat dab sesh, I when dabbing accidentally touched my band-aid i had around my index finger to the skillet; Or at least i'm pretty sure i did. I felt retarded afterwards, but i guess i wasn't paying attention and wasn't holding the dabber the usual way because of my finger. I was also really stoned, but those are all excuses because for stupidity. Anyways I got kind of paranoid about it afterwards thinking it would has severe adverse effects on my lungs for inhaling this plasitc band-aid material, its been like 45 minutes so i'm assuming i'm okay. What do you guys think...?
  2. You're probably going to die.
  3. don't really appreciate the sarcasm... to be honest.
  4. Well you'll be fine it's a tiny bit of plastic I'm not sure what you're expecting to read. Just avoid it.
  5. it probably didnt even get inhaled...idk if you were cooking breakfast or smoking hash or something lol
  6. So did you die?
  7. [quote name='"TinTizzy"']So did you die?[/quote]

    Op is dead .....

    Next bowl is for you op ... Z
  8. Your going to die in 7 days.
  9. All jokes aside, no, plastic isnt harmful or fatal if you DON'T do it every day. I accidently inhaled the smoke from a burning plastic bottle once, and i'll be finally able to walk on my own in a couple of months so I think you're good

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