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  1. Okay just like the title says I have a thought If weed was legal /and or decriminalized would there be any paranoia involved with Mary??

    Just my thought what do you think?

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  2. if weed was legal then I'd finally be able to experience the perfect sesh free of any anxiety. Fuckin heaven.

    To this day I cannot smoke in public because of anxiety. If I didn't have to worry about that weed would be perfect.
  3. no, thats like being paranoid while drinking alcohol
  4. Tons of illegal drugs have no paranoid effects, weed does, so i think it probably would if legal.
  5. It would likely be dependant upon your particular environment.
    If all your associates are cool. where would the paranoia come from? It is always a self made product, yet sometimes it is essential for survival. :cool::smoke:
  6. I just thought that Maybe it would because the only thing that I have ever gotten "paranoid" about is getting caught while stoned either buy my mom or the cops

    But if it was legal then there wouldn't be that worry

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  7. I think it would take away a lot of the paranoia. there's still stupid shit that can cause paranoia though, especially if you're alone. like hearing noises in your house or something like that, but those are always funny to think about after they happen.
  8. the reason you feel mostly paranoid while smoking is because of the strains now a days having very high volumes (18-22 %) THC .those high volumes is what causes the paranoia and anxiety. I have never had paranoia or anxiety on any of the true indicas with lower thc amounts. but give me something heady and sativaish and sure enough. Thats why i prefer indica to sativa. i mean even indicas now are coming like 80-20 with the 20 percent being sativa. there is a thread about cannabanoids somewhere and he does a great job of explaining this.. but as far as it being illegal or legal with no anxiety or such.. if you smoke in a house somewhere and not in the public eye there should be no paranoia. get medicated then go do something get medicated while your on the way or at the particular place of said fun
  9. Haha I always hear so many noises when I get stoned late at night

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  10. I'd have to disagree. You're not paranoid BECAUSE it's illegal and because you might get caught, you're paranoid because that's one of the side-effects from weed. You could still get paranoid if it were legal, but you'd have less of a reason to be.

  11. Yet in over 30 years, I have never been paranoid?!?! :cool::smoke:

  12. Yeah, I had a tasty Indica the other night, no named. It was a nice body high, no paranoia at all.

    My two friends complained "I'm not high", I had to literally explain the difference between the two type of plants.. then they felt the body high, and we all shut up and watched movies.
  13. There can be paranoia from other things aside from just being caught by the police, so if it were legal we'd still become paranoid about w`/e else we could be paranoid about. :smoke::smoking:
  14. Probly would be a great free feeling. But if it isnt legal by the time im an old man im going to go around with mad blunts on me lighting them up in public until i get arrested
  15. Well I'm legal and I have to say it was definitely a great feeling...
    I was happy, I was finally able to get some relief from everyday
    pain. Definitely liberating mentally and physically.

    With that said I never was really paranoid in the first place...
    basically the only paranoia I had about was getting caught by
    my mom hah. Once I moved out I didn't have worry about that
    anymore. Everything is my business and mine alone. So all that
    just went away.

    But I still think people will be paranoid about weird things like scary
    sounds in the wilderness, cops...god knows I know people who are
    just freaked out by cops general. Just unexpected weird shit like that.
  16. I long for the day that I will be able to walk along a busy street, taking a blunt to the dome.

  17. thats real true, i get weirded out by so many noises in my house when im stonnedd
  18. Yeah, I think legalization would take away the paranoia/anxiety for many.
    I'm not paranoid while stoned unless I'm around older family members and my eyes are
    red and 3/4 shut.

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