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  1. As the title says, I just need to know if 1 125watt, dual-spectrum cfl with reflector would be enough to grow 2 plants. and have a decent yield from such plants? (I'll be LSTing the plants too)
    The light produces 7350.8 lumens, I heard that one plant would be alright with around 5500+ lumens? or have I been mislead? 

  2. Define decent yield
  3. 150-200g.
  4. Let's say I've got 180k lumens of HPS (1200W) in a highly reflective gow tent and as much as I'd love to have 200grams per plant, I don't see how I'm going to get more than 150 grams per plant. (Best case scenario) I'm expecting anywhere between 100 to 150.
  5. Baring in mind, the strain I'm planning to grow has an 'extremely high yield', not 100% sure about that, as that was part of the advertisement, and obviously, business men are business men, they sometimes fabricate the truth a little.
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    Which strain is it? Also, mine does. mine says I should be expecting up to 650grams per plant in square meter.
    Given the fact my tent is 1.5 Square meters, I should be expecting up to 925grams, eh? I don't think I'll get that. Even though it'd be pretty damn sweet.
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    Was going to go with LSD or Big Bud they both have high yields and are supposedly easy(ish) to grow; and shit dude that'd be sweet as if you'd be able to pull that amount haha!
  8. The 650 grams advertisement on the LSD strain I purchased, I knew it wasn't gonna be around that. I hoped I'll get 650grams in total (from all 5-6 plants I've got going on right now). But the main reason I chose the LSD is because of the THC level which is 24%, one of the highest out there. I also Youtubed smoke reviews and it's knocking people out easily from how intense and trippy it is. That's the main reason I got it, I wanted to smoke less and get the same effect. Also, I would like to experiment with extracts and edibles once I'm done harvesting.
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    Yeah, the THC level's also one of the main contributing factors as to why I'm planning on getting my hands on some LSD seeds haha, I do love a couch-lock :laughing: . I read the same 650g advertisement for it, but expected far less seeing as I'm only using a 125w CFL, nothing special, at all.. Although, it's a start for my first grow, haha.

    I'd also like to have a little fuck around with extracts, edibles and the likes. Nobody round here has ever had BHO, and I mean never..
    But yo', surely LSTing would give me a little increase in final product, no?
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    I'm pretty sure LSTing, when done right by experienced growers most of the time, they double or even triple the amount of the yield. You will probably be able to increase the yield with lst. I have a First/second grow. My first grow I was doing a bunch of DIY and CFL's and I failed badly I had no idea what I was doing and everytime I read about how to grow, I just couldn't get it. Even though I'm still way far from being perfect when it comes to growing, I do know most of the basic stuff such as do and don't and most of the big no-nos. I hope your soil is not to hard for the roots to swim in there, add some perlite, make it fluffy so it will be easy for the plants to root in there. More roots = bigger plants, yield etc. Also I'd suggest to plant the seed straight away into the pot you want to grow in, and not small cups because it's depressing when the plants get the transplanting shock and sometimes it takes them a while to recover, depending on the situation.
    About my first grow, I took my plant after 5 weeks and I threw it out of the balcony and I told myself I don't consider it to be a grow. 
    Edit: I forgot to mention that now, (my first-second grow) I spent over 1,000$ on the equipment. I hope it's gonna pay off. If you buy weed from a dealer, 1000$ will get you about.. what, 150 grams? with the same amount of money I'll be making at least 400gs. That's about triple the amount.
  11. @[member="iNeedPot"]
    Haha, I've been researching a lot, but half of the stuff I read just voids out other stuff I've read. My mind's just a mess, haha. 
    I was having a look at your grow thread, your tent's fucking huge dude :laughing: . I'll keep the perlite etc tips in mind, thanks for that!

    How long are you planning on vegging & flowering your plants for?
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    @[member="Realityy420"] Veg for 2 months, flower  til they're ready. I'm assuming about 8 weeks. So I still have about 14 weeks to go. But for growing for so long, I'm expecting about a couple of pounds. I'd be disappointed If I won't get my 1 Kilo.
  13. One of the annoying things when you're growing for the first time is that most people use slangs and weird expressions/words so you don't know what you're talking about. You have to surround yourself with grow posts and threads to get used to the idea of what to do and not to do.
    Yeah... the tent takes half of my bedroom, I let my wife sleep in the living room now. lol
  14. @[member="iNeedPot"] Yeah, I know what you mean about the terms and stuff, confused the hell outta' me for a while.. Kinda getting used to the 'lingo' hahahah..

    Good to see you've got your priorities straight, hahaha.

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