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Really Old Marijuana that Barely Even Looks Like Weed

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by etkkte, Jan 17, 2014.

  1. I just found about 2 grams I must have accidentally left on the ground in a hidden spot in the basement. It barely even looks like weed anymore and it has no smell to it either. It is very crumbly too. It does not appear to have any mold on it. It must have been in the spot for at least 6 months, unopened. Should I flush it or is it safe to smoke.

  2. Smoke it and tell us the outcome!
  3. I wouldn't smoke it. I smoke some that I found after about 3 weeks lost and it wasn't worth it.
  4. i'd smoke it.
  5. Dried weed, as long as the area isnt moist, can keep for a very long time.

    If it isnt moldy pack a bowl and see what happens
  6. Hell I smoked a year old roach I found under my bed and it got me pretty damn high lol
  7. Ive smoked weed that was well over a year old, probably close to two. If its simply dry without much smell, it will still be effective. 
  8. I will try a little bit first  to see. Will let you guys know.
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    another thing you can do...
    put a leaf in the container over night. 
    that bud should have a little moisture in the morning
    something i do to bring back moisture on the outsides of my buds, if the stems took a little longer to dry out. 
    *edit* just remembered back in high school.
    my friends dad was out of town, and we knew he kept some secrets
    turns out we smoked his secret 70's stash
    he had kept it curing for 30 years, dry as fuck... smelt AMAZING. 
    didn't get me suuper high, but shit, was a fun experience!
    we felt terrible after he got back into town and told us the weed was that old...
    we bought him a half O of fire dispensary bud as an apology haha
  10. Put a few drops of water on it and let it cure for few days. Thsts what I did.

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  11. After breaking it up, I found maggots or larvae in it or some shit. Scared the shit out of me. I will be flushing this shit down the toilet.
  12. Roll into king joint and smoke
  13. :bolt:
  14. Fuck man. I'm super stoned and I want to fill up my eighth bowl of the night and you just got me paranoid that I'm gonna be smoking larvae. Guess I have to stop at seven tonight...
  15. Smoked protein! Could be a revolutionary dietary supplement!
  16. I mean kids are already smoking alcohol so you never know

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