really obama!, DUID(Driving Uner Influence of Drugs)

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  1. so even if i havent smoked in a week and they test me i'll still get charged?

    thats some bull shit right there.
  2. yes, well technically you could smoke a month ago and you might fail.. hell you might not smoke and the test might say yo failed, your now in jail 24 hrs, oh say bye to your job for missing work.....
  3. i see my state in there, but its only Zero tolerance for cannabis metabolites. No jail time or whatever, but sitll fuck you obama
  4. OMG are you kidding me!
    That is some bullshit. Weed stays in your system too long for that.
    God I hope California legalizes it in November so we can finally have a step in the right direction.
  5. wow. im sure SC will jump on the train soon here. fucking bullshit.
  6. Wow Obama is just fucking up left and right.
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    why are you all getting mad about this? you should have known it was gonna happen. dont drive and smoke. but its just shitty they dont have a better test for it thats more reliable and accurate. but this could be a good thing. get all the laws and basis ready for legalization before it happens...its coming folks...mark my words

    edit: FUUUUUCKK OHHIIOOO!!!! 72 hrs mandatory JAIL TIME!! are you fucking kidding me 6month to 3 yr license probation ARE YOUUUUU FUCKING KIDDING ME! ARE YOU TRYING TO RUIN PEOPLES LIVES OBAMA
  8. This is bullshit.

    I could get my license taken away or worse for a long period of time, even If I smoked in my house and never drove anywhere high.

    Those laws are saying if you smoke weed, youre not allowed to drive. LITERALLY.

    and how would you even enforce this?

    uhhh, wouldnt you have to profile?

    unless there is mass smoke in the car you cant tell. Most people I know can drive perfectly fine high, and if they cant they dont.

    This law is only being put in place to discourage use, and persecute smokers unjustly.

  9. You dont get it dude.

    You can basically smoke at your house one day. Fall asleep. Wake up the next day TOTALLY SOBER, go out to drive somewhere, and be pulled over, if they profile you as a smoker, they can piss test you and persecute.

    Basically if weed shows up in your system, you are fucked, you dont even have to be high or imparied.


    Edit: Im also an Ohio resident.
  10. no i just didnt real the article before i commented lol. ive been going back and forth with obama. and i think this really crosses the line. they say its solid proof that someone has been using drugs in the past few days.
    does the fucking government use any facts when making new laws? like ever. regan threw away a report telling him that cannabis had NO HARMFUL EFFECTS. and what did he do. turned it around and said they did. fuckk tha police!!!![ame=]YouTube - Fuck Tha Police - Pineapple Express Clip[/ame]

    edit. shit man we should blaze sometime. as long as we dont get pulled over haha
  11. What a fucking hypocrite the president is. Apparently it's okay for him to smoke, but not us.

  12. wow. this. is. bullshit.
  13. good way to collect blood samples (DNA)
  14. Uh, not to confuse this topic any more, but can anyone tell me what the fuck this law is supposed to mean or do?

    This is what South Dakotas stance is on it:
    "Zero tolerance for cannabis metabolites for persons under the age of 21."

    Uh, WTF?!? Apparently it's "OK" if you're over 21 to test positive?!?

    AFAIK, this state isn't even MMJ-friendly, so WTF is this supposed to mean? What kind of message are they trying to say here?

  15. All this law does. Is give the police the right to profile and persecute smokers. The law also basically is saying, it is now illegal to smoke and have a license.

    Its profiling because how could a policeman tell if you smoked? unless you really were driving terribly or had smoke billowing out of the windows of your car they couldnt. They would have to literally profile someone as a "stoner".

    Then you could smoke one day and not drive, then 5 days later be busted for simply having it in your system when you were pulled over.
  16. I hope we can challenge this in court some how. The law has nothing to do with its purpose.
  17. I live in Ohio too how crazy. Fuck Obama. What a damn hypocrite, im sure he would spark up a blunt if he wasnt constantly be watched. Asshole!
  18. wat the fucking fuck

  19. I 100% supported Obama in the election. Now honestly I dont know why the fuck I did. He hasnt done anything but piss off everyone.

    As McCain said. So much for change Mr.President, so much for change...

    Not like McCain would have done differently, but still...

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