Really High Food Ideas

Discussion in 'High Ideas' started by 4ala2sk0a, Mar 16, 2018.

  1. I just wanted to talk about what we all eat when were like, really high.

    I like a can of Alaskan wild caught pink salmon with a little chicken bullion, salt, pepper, and sometimes garlic.
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  2. I mean its nothing special, but oreo's, feels like chocolate Styrofoam I dont know why I like it so much.
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  3. I like to shave kiwis before I eat them.

    By scrubbing them with the green side of the sponge of course.

    I really love pork nachos, never had pork rind nachos though. I have had pork head nachos that were delicious.
  4. 5953D4C2-2272-4827-B894-53C2E0B7FCDF.jpeg Whipped this up tonight
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    a buffalo chicken sandwhich topped with roast beef, bacon, onion rings, and mozzarella sticks. Man im drooling! Lmao
  6. I just put peanut butter on a fudgescicle. I think I just hacked the universe. It's the best thing eva. ...
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  7. TBone if you like peanut butter then you should try actual peanut butter mixed in with plain chocolate ice cream and small marshmallows. What I do is mix the peanut butter with the ice cream and put the marshmallows on top. Oh my goodness.

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  8. I thought scotcheroos with marshmallow fluff sounds good

  9. Today I made a whole pack of bacon and 5 pieces down the hatch I looked to the left and saw a single blueberry bagel, and to the right was all the bacon grease on the griddle. I fried up the bagel in that grease and it was the best ever.
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  10. Reported again
  11. Breakfast cereal with cream and sugar
  12. Doritos in a nice taco salad.
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  13. I second the dorrito taco salad

    {Family and Flower all you'll ever need}

  14. defidently Neapolitan ice-cream with cinnamon toast crunch, whipped cream, and chocolate sprinkles. ice cream and cereal are a beautiful combo
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  15. The cold stone strawberry cereal on vanilla ice cream is bomb
  16. I can't eat anything when i am really high, maybe some fruit or a mango, i have to wait until i come down a bit to tolerate heavier food lol but after i come back down to reality, anything and everything will suffice :)
  17. My fav thing when real high is crisp red grapes, oranges, and ice water.
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