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Discussion in 'General' started by mxtoker, Jun 2, 2006.

  1. hey friends tomarrow is friday and i just thought that it would be really neat to have a shroom thread where like people can come together and talk and be on shrooms and what not.... im sorry this is the dumbist thing ever i could just go to shroomery or some thing i just thought that it would be cool if like minded people can come together and "think outside the box" because i bet we can get so REALLY great ideas going. sorry lol im on shrooms right now and i gusse....well i wished i had some friends. i mean i have "friends" but those people are out for them slevs u know? i only have one good friend that would atully care if i dead i mean he would mourn for me and thats fucking awseome because i would do the same i mean we're here WITH people not FOR ourselves u know. i mean, it takes shit to make shit u know. and now im FED, omg fed up is slang for the f word lol any way im FED with my life right now im ripe for the picking im 19 almost 20 and i NEED to make some changes to get to where i want to be in life i mean i can smoke weed later when i need to relax but...i just got to let it go i mean i live i the united MOTHERFUCKING STATES OF AMERICA!! i can make any thing of my life. omg i figued it out im a diamond in the rough i have to make some sacerfices shacke off the dirt and shine and right now im balls deep into this shit an im attluly crying because i wittnessed a still birth today...on shrooms...and it tore me the fuck up. im listening to "i need some sleep" by eels and it matches me perfeactly. today i can say that i had a life changeing experince witch can only better me and my being. thanks for listening i really feel good and im lucky because it could have turned around that fast! and i would have blown my brains out with a shotgun but today I CAN SAY THAT I MATTHEW R. F----- have journyed to adulthood and have found the tru meaning of life and the tru power of god and his creations! i hope u guys will consider me ur friend and would care for me and mourn for me as i would for u. u guys are great thanks!

    Matthew :smoke:
  2. Sounds like you've got it figured out man. Good luck.

    -Your friends at the city.
  3. thanks, funny how i just posted on ur thread haha how funny :)
  4. i feel ya man, so you quit blazin or what. ya left us in the dust kid so what happends now
  5. no, just on a much needed break :) will now that im down i do think that the shroom thread is a cool idea let me know what u think. thanks! later
  6. Holy fucking shit man.... omfg. I didn't know what a stillbirth was, so I just googled it. omfg... I had no idea that happened, I've never even heard of it. .. I'm fucking speechless now. holy shit... I'm a very empathetic person, and to imagine what that must feel like... it's tearing me up, and i've never witnessed one. ... Stay strong man.

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