Really "Dumb High" Moment's while smoking.

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Yevgeniy, May 4, 2011.

  1. First would like to apologize if there is a thread about this already.

    One of my friends turned 21 so we got a resort in Bend, OR.

    One of my friends bought 10 grams off me so we were set for the weekend.

    Anyways, I remember we went to a Safeway and at the check out line I needed to put in my phone number to get my discount(Was high out of my mind) I couldn't remember my phone number nor any for that matter. So the cashier asked to me to tell him so he can type it in(there were about 5-6 older adults waiting for me and watching me) Ended up giving him my social security number and obviously didn't work lol. Everyone was looking at me super weird. Ended up giving up and paying the few cents.

    Only realized what I did hours later.

    Me and my best friend went to Best Buy just to look at all the cool stuff. I think it was during Black Friday so it was pretty packed. When we walked by the cell phone place I yelled out kinda loud "Whoa they have a bank here!?" I Walked away lol.

    Would be nice to laugh at others "Dumb High" moments :)

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