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really dank indica or really dank sativa

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by bLaZaH, Dec 17, 2007.

  1. What is your fav? i think indica is definetly the best, sativa fucks with my mind to much
  2. I have insomnia like a motherfucker, so I always smoke me up some indica when I need to sleep. Or if I just want to chill out and relax. Other than that, I don't care what I smoke as long as it gets me nice and blazed. You should have an option to vote for both or something.
  3. I do...
  4. Sativa is where its at...I love getting my head fucked with. It's really nice.
  5. Haha, oh shit, look at that. I'm either too sober or too high, man. Heh heh. Cool.
  6. oops i did not see that there was another thread mi bad
  7. I prefer a mix. Then you get the best of both worlds ;)
  8. Kush, kush, kush!

  9. Both are nice, indica alittle bit more though.
  10. hard choice.. I chose Indica. I love both though I won't lie
  11. i used to love sativa, then i started getting anxiety attacks, now i can only really smoke indica dominants. :confused_2:
  12. i like them both but unless we smoke at someones house then i like sativa cause i dont like being couchlooked when im trying to do stuff
  13. I like to switch it up here and there but the majority of the time I'll pick up an Indica.

    The occasional Sativa like, Strawberry Cough or Kali Mist is always nice.

    I usually pick up 4 times a month. Each week.

    Probably 2 times Indica, One Sativa, and a Purple strain (usually hybrid)
  14. Sativas are amazing for writing good, powerful music.

    Indicas are superb for making trippy, trancey music.

  15. I like sativa's, but for some reason i have to either smoke a shitload of a sativa, or like, smoke an amazing one to just begin to feel it, i dont have the same problem with indicas tho, so i guess i prefer them, seeing as they're much cheeper and all.
  16. Well since Kush is generally indica and I prefer the Kush's, I choose indica...
  17. Sativa doms. for sure. But indicas definitely have their place.
  18. [​IMG]

    Got Females?
  19. i cant pick between the two..sometimes i wanna get stuck to my sofa and chill out but sometimes is wanna go on an adventure through my mind and have some interesting thoughts.....

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