really cool join now!!!!

Discussion in 'General' started by J-Sin420, Jan 3, 2003.

  1. Hey you guys Like secrets of mana or any other game like that you will love this......down load now at

    [mod note: The link has returned!]

    *****hope to see you in the world soon*****
  2. If you have any questions about my game feel free to ask..............and oh yea this is a 100% free game
  3. I think you have good intentions, friend. But we are having trouble with people posting links to sites which try to put a virus on people's computers.

    For now we are not allowing links to be posted. In the name of keeping this place up and running like it should.

    Thanks for understanding.

  4. This has got to be the nicest reply you have ever posted Bud burner.
  5. No debates about that BPP!
  6. I disagree! I've been much nicer than this.


    Shall I argue about this too?

    Thanks U2.... I'm touched.

  7. And..... for the record.....

    We ARE allowing links to be posted... Just no spam that links to our competition. ;)

    Members who have been here for a while have more freedom to post links, since we "know" them.

    But people who join up and immediately start posting links and spam..... Nope.. that won't fly.
    Especially if your username per se is spam! lol
  8. hey, thats a real game he is working on, maybe you should allow the link or something its a pretty cool game.
  9. I did not save the link. :eek:

    If anybody has it and would like to post it we would like to have it back.

    Sorry to cut someone off from spreading their own work!

    I sent a PM to J-Sin begging for forgivness and asking if he (or she) could put the link back.

    If anybody else has it, please feel free to post it.
  10. anybody have that link or is it list for ever? :(
  11. Thanks!


    It just said the page was unavailable. :(
  12. :( I copied and pasted. Wonder why it didn't work.

    Thanks for fixin' it though.
  13. Run Time error '339'


    A file is missing or invalid.

    What am I doing wrong? :eek: This sounds like a lot of fun.
  14. Fuck....sounds like you need to download the direct X runtime
    files...Ill try to get those on the web page very soon.

  15. Ok, got the needed runtime file on my webpage now..some of you people may need to download it if you get any runtime errors
  16. Cool beans!

    I'm downloading right now.

    But.... that very first link at the top of the thread still doesn't work. I had to scroll to your post further down to get the page again.

    I'm going to try to put it in at the top so it'll work... but if I fuck it up will you?

  17. Perhaps I just don't know what the hell I'm doing... but I"m still getting a runtime error.

    Do I need to update software somewhere? I regularly update at microsoft.

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