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Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by accents, Oct 1, 2010.

  1. so i think i got my hands on some real fucking dank.

    smoking a .5 j or something, and came to some fucking crazy realizations, i feel suddenly so spiritual. i have found out all the things that are bringing me down in life, now i feel like i am going to make some pretty great changes from now on, i feel very certain.

    honestly, i have never felt so sure or clear headed in my life. :hello:

    has anyone had any crazy realizations?
  2. Sounds like you are smoking on a strong Sativa dominant strain. A lot of time it's harder to get Sativa since commercially Indica is far more profitable to grow because of the shorter flowering period and bigger yields. So when you do get a Sativa when you are so used to Indica dominant strains, you get the cerebral high you are having right now.

    That stuff will make you think and you can get into some pretty deep thought if you allow yourself. Enjoy that stuff and do things that are very mentally stimulating.

    Back when I was a new smoker, I was smoking on some really good sativa for the first time with a friend of mind and we were listening to music and the lyrics meant so much, we both had crazy realizations about life and things of that nature just then. Was pretty good times I usually don't get that high anymore though.
  3. yeah man, i am taking so much advantage of it now. wish i had a good camera. think my guy said it was called "juice" maybe he meant juicy fruit?
  4. Made me realize how most of the stuff I'm stressing over is pretty meaningless, does that count?
  5. yeah maybe!
  6. I realized that most of the stuff I care about is worth nothing and I should just forget about it. So I did. having no attachments is really nice. I own almost nothing I care about keeping and I have no strong feelings towards anyone in my life. After college I think I'll leave everyone and live in the wilderness with as many seeds as I can collect from now till then.
  7. There is definitely a strain called Juice. Also there is Juicy Fruit, I've had both but Juice is better in my opinion.

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