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  1. Have you ever sat down and questioned wether you were real or not? What if everything around you isn't real, then what would you do? I find myself questioning wether I exist daily. What if there is nothing to look forward to after death. How do you define nothingness? If anyone has any thoughts or feelings like this please respond because I'm not sure I know whats real anymore, I don't even know if the reality I am living in is even real.
  2. Man, this is a topic in which I have given some thought to before, but the question is not what is reality in a sense of realness, but what is your reality, how do you know if you are nothing more than a dream or if you are in a coma and do not know it, what if you are and your world is nothing more than symbolism in your subliminal conscience(sp?), but man I wish I could give you more help, but man I am just as dazed and confused as much as anyone else. Peace.....
  3. that is weird... you guys are kind of thinking liek that movie the matrix, when eveyrone is in a dream world, but liek if you dream ur dead then ur dead because ur body thinks it is and whne you think about it everyhting is fake. you acutally have never seen anything, all u are seeing is light reflecting off of things, but ur not seeing things. when i was like really young, like 10 years old lol, i uysed to think if when i looked at the color oragne i saw what my sister thought was blue, but we would never know the difference, because it looked normal to us...does anyone know what im trying to say here...
  4. I guess my definition of reality would be what you experience in your everyday life, everything you know is your reality, anything in your existence is your reality. If all that isn't real tho then what is left? Serene ur the last one I thought I'd see post on this, didn't think you'd find this post lol, it's nice to see you still participate on the city tho.

  5. Lol, man I am a change man, I see the world as it is, and through meditation and the J I have become more enlighten, man you need to get on the aol messenger more. See ya Shwagster

  6. if you think too long about it youll see the very reality you are IN become void. thats when aniexty floods you and panic is the only thing making you believe that this is all real. no kidding!

  7. why should this thread be closed?

    if you don't like a thread the just ignore it.

    now, back on topic.

    i was reading an article in New Scientist about how everybody's perception of the world is different.

    what we all agree to be blue may very well appear differet to every person. we all know it's blue, but the blue i see may look like the orange which another person sees.

    and the way shapes looks. we all know what a square looks like. or do we? what i know as a square may be what you know as a circle.

    i don't think that this life is a dream though. it's far too real in my opinion. i've had loads of dreams which seemed very real and vivid. but they're far too inconsistent to be the actual reality i think.

    like when you have a dream, you can see things. but you don't often hear things. at least, i don't ever recall having sounds in my dreams. nor do i recall ever experiencing touch or smell in a dream.

    i'm ranting a bit.

    i'd like to think that this world isn't real and i just made it up. but it just seems too "real" to be fake.


  8. I must say that, that describes exactly how I feel. I think that is what has happened to me. Also to the person that suggested this thread be closed, what for? I broke no rules posting this, just because the topic doesn't spark interest in your life, maybe someone else will respond, so please keep your remarks to yourself.
  9. What I want to know is what is our purpose in life?Who chooses the paths in our lives that are already laid out before us?If you believe in fortune tellers.

  10. Have you ever felt like you were above your body, watching down yourself, your thoughts turn inward and eventhough your body is there, there has been some loss of communication from your mind and body?
  11. Are you talking about astral projection?I would love to know how to do that.

  12. no, lol, astral projection is much more welcomed than what I was refereing to.. I was getting at depersonalization

  13. Could you explain a little more in detail what that is. Is there a way of meditation of some sort to reach that state of out of body experience?
  14. astral projection? that I dont know about, how to get there on your own.
  15. i used to wonder about the color thing when i was little, but came upon the scientific evidence which proves that it looks the same to everyone. i think everyone wonders about the afterlife and reality and life in the universe, and it's human nature to do so. people have been doing it forever.
    i had a disturbing and sombering dream once that i died for some reason with a group of my friends, and was taken over a great ocean and river with them to heaven. however, when we got there we were forced to seperate and go to our own houses, where we would be kept for eternity with only our families, with things as they were when we died. this upset me and kind of crushed what my view of heaven was (maybe this was purgatory?) and i was so somber and gloomy when i woke up, as i was eating breakfast, and for the next few hours. it made me realize how semi-isolated i am from my family and how much i depend on my friends. it makes me feel guilty that i lie to my family so much so i can go out ant smoke, etc. blah. made me wonder about reality to a degree also.

  16. I was refering to depersonalization, the thing you were talking about.

  17. I was referring to depersonalization as it is as a form of anxiety..things around you become surreal, you can panic if you can not control it, but it comes on from whatever is the cause of the aniexty. as far as meditating to reach a point where your reality is lost, I know nothing about it.

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