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  1. Is it what you believe?
  2. No.

    Childrens believe in sandy claws and that ***** aint real.. atleast anymore.

    real is shit you can go see, touch, feel, smell, and all that other sensory shit.

    Imagination is not reality.

  3. But don't you act based on what you believe? And aren't you your actions?
  4. What is religion?
  5. No, not always. You make your actions, they dont make you all the time.

    But yeah, for the most part I guess people do make decions and actions based on their beliefs.

    In my opinion, religion is mostly just made up bullshit. Mostly ancient and outdated stories of morality, and people that tripped on shrooms too much.

    On the other hand, I feel if there WAS a god, then that ***** doesnt give a SHIT about you, me, or any other person or thing on this planet.

    Ohhh, very bleak outlooks. :(

  6. I don't see how reality could be different from what we truly believe it to be. If we didn't believe it was that way, we wouldn't treat it like it was real.
  7. I was asking in hopes for a response like that. The people today though who follow religions, aren't their realities somewhat bent by imagination?
  8. Yeah, I kind of feel they are. Its a laughable belief.
  9. Dude, every single person on earths perception of reality is manipulated by their immagination... Why do you think people have phobias? Beside that reality isn't a subject you could even begin to elaborate on in a message board. Shit, being and nothingness is 1200 pages discussing reality... and that is just one book by one person.
  10. Are emotions real? You cant touch, hear, smell, taste or see them. So by some of your definitions of reality love and hate are not real. I think reality is what you make it, if something is real in your mind then who is to say its not real?
  11. Love and hate are real because we can examine the chemical compounds created in our brains which cause us to feel these emotions. The emotions however are only as real as we allow them to be.
  12. Of course it is.
  13. yep

  14. I beleive in my existence, but not to sure about essence.
  15. Seems like it wasn't a very controversial question.


    ;) :D

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