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Discussion in 'General' started by jaroslavv1, May 25, 2009.

  1. Hey im just wondering how it is, and does any1 have a account i could use? to see it
  2. that or the money you spend monthly on pr0n you could spend on wooing one of the lady folk.
  3. Dont pay for porn. Get a girlfriend or find a free site thats decent. (Pretty good) (okay)
  4. Fck youporn.

    Xnxx or Tube8 are your friends.

    Oh yea, never pay for porn...
  5. lolololol, RK is a good site, but there's so much porn out there for free, stileproject is the place to go if you're on a budget

    or you could just go start picking up beezies
  6. wow are you serious.......... .... ... .. wow
  7. um.. WOW, you guys are nuts

    Free Porn Videos

    If anyone here does not like it please proceed to cut your dick off.
  8. xnxx





    i can go on like 10 more lol

  9. dude I went on Xnxx and like all their featured videos were of Japanese rapes on like subways and shit a while back. I don't care if it was "Staged supposedly" It looked real and I know that happens in real life. That site is a deboner now.

    use Best site in my opinion.
  10. spankwire and tube8 are the ones i use most.
  11. that's desperate
  12. and he has 69 posts... sketchy

  13. yea that is kinda sketch... could he be
  14. spankwire FTW
  15. dont pay for porn man!
  16. to hell with porn, like illa said, spend the money on a woman.

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