Realdealz' 2006 full outdoor grow

Discussion in 'Marijuana Grow Journals' started by realdealz28, Mar 20, 2006.

  1. This year I decided to get nasty and grity for outdoor, first I ordered seeds from the renowned Reefermanseeds, :hello: I LOVE REEFERTEAMS, always great help and unbelievable quality. I got 24 Nigerian Nightmare(50/50 indica/sativa, finish late sept. early oct.) 7 G-13 x Burmese(pure sativa) and 5 freebies.

    I put down 3 NN and 2 B-13s for my first outdoor project of the year.(these are the ones I can baby!)

    btw... I am putting about 10 NN out for a guirella grow on hunting land....we'll see how that goes later! so here goes...OUTDOOR HAS BEGUN!:D good luck to everyone

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  2. attaboy dealz! i dont know squat about planting outdoors, im sooo stoked ive follow this :grabbs a chair, load a bowl: and OMG your strains... this is gonna be amazing :smoke: grow em big man, peace
  3. HIGH All, right on realdealz..we're getting ready over here on The WET Coast Also. Spring Has Sprung....Ya-Hooka!!!
  4. DAY 2

    both the b-13s popped out of the soil and 1 NN. updates soon!

    Red glad to see you around here, hope you enjoy the city and become quiet a regular!:hello: great grow you got going on

    unoit sounds like great news for you too then can't wait for the future
  5. DAY 3

    all my BUDdies came great is that? I am estatic...

    pic1 group shot
    pic2,3,4 individuals


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  6. Cant wait to see how all the differnt types of bud look.....
  7. ^^^^second that never seen the nightmare myself so can't wait to see it
  8. ^^^can't wait either BUDs! damn going to be an exciting year...

    I found a picture of someones outdoor Nigerian Nightmare grow last year...heres a picture

    [SIZE=1[B]]*NOTE* this is not my PICTURE....:D[/B] [/SIZE]

    *updates tomorrow

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  9. DAY 8

    well here's a group shot, the b-13s on the left, and the following four to the right are the NN.

    only a couple of the close up pics turned out good enough to use....hope they are filling those pots out nicely:D

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  10. I've never heard of NN before but it looked fantastic in the picture you found - pretty fortunate, I'm glad you went the extra yard for your new journal :D

    I had an outside grow last year - everything grew really resinous but tasted strongly of anniseed? Wierd huh!

    Anyway's - good luck with it
  11. Bopper: thnks for stopping by, I haven't heard of many of the strains carried by Reefermanseeds but considering he's a cannabis cup repeated winner(mainly for sativas) Blue thunder was the first of his strains I got to was excellent...

    reefermanseeds=pairiefire seeds(old name)

    grow on...
  12. hey man are you just keeping your seedlings indoors beside a window that gets good sunlight? I'll be doing an outdoor grow this summer myself and I am having troubles deciding on how I'm going to give light to my seedlings.
  13. yep just doing it because its still getting cold at times this week....they are getting to go out a little more everyday...that big window gets about 6 good hrs then they are moved to another big window on the otherside of the house for the remainer of the day....basically they get all the sunlight of the day!~:D
  14. ahhhh a little stretchy right now but all good once they go outside. Just put 2 of my plants outside. I hope they do well. As always GoodLuck to ya RealDealz
  15. Well well, outdoor season:D

    As Unoit said, Outdoors season is right around the corner for us on the WET coast ;) About april 20th for me

    Looking good as a start. You should pack soil around those stretched stems all the way up to the rim of the pot if u can.

    You just putting them directly outside?

    Good luck to you, I'll be stopping by again :)

  16. Very nice start. I'll definatly be checking in often and subscribing to the thread. One question though, what state do you live in? I am narrowing down when I should start my seeds for my NH ourdoor grow.
  17. ^^^yep its time to start seeds if you are any where near the bEAST Coast....I am way SOUTHeast if that helps any.......

    some updates...not much just got some pics to see some if any new growth...not to long and RAPID growth will set in, hope these boogers get Large and Inchagre:D

    edit* group shot soon, for now these do the justice

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  18. I'm pretty far north east, so I'll wait a bit maybe.. seeds should be here soon (I hope).
  19. I also live far southeast(as far as u can get) around miami, i couple of weeks ago i threw one of my indoor babies outside and within a week it was flowering, so i geuss the season around here hasnt started yet, im looking forward to havin an indoor grow and outdoor grow any suggestions on when i should start outdoors?
  20. ^^^outdoors soon to come, so soon its not even funny:D good luck GrOwing

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