"REAL" Matanuska thunderfuck !!!

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  1. So this is a largely debated strain. And the general consensus is that it is gone. Some people from Alaska say that it is still around and VERY rare.

    Well, I am under 30 years old and supposedly in the 90's some time they raided all the growers in the Matanuska valley and that is when the strain went underground or disappeared.

    I have heard everything from it is gone, to it was given to the Hells Angels to preserve.

    Well, I happened to run into an old Vietnam Vet that just moved into my area from up near the Canadian border. He does not know anyone here really except me. Since we were both growing and he was over his limit after a visit back to his home area and brought back some clones. Well he offered me one and I accepted. I raised it well and started flowering when it was only a few weeks in veg. Boy I wish I had waited!!

    So after I started flowering I asked him if he knew the strain of the clone he had passed on to me. He said it was matnusia. I could find no information on the strain at all. So a few days ago he came back from another trip to his home area and said he had the name wrong, that it was matanuska thunderfuck. So i researched and found the place to buy seeds and all. And also found that the credibility of the strain is highly debated.

    After a couple hours of conversion this story I was told is VERY interesting. Supposedly this was a strain from alaska that was brought down my his old friend who was dying. Supposedly the plants that he brought from alaska were original thunderfuck that had been pollinated by a NL strain. This guy supposedly spent almost 10 years breeding it back as close to the original MTF as he could.

    So the reason i was trying to find strain info on this clone was because it showed some interesting traits. Very nice purple that I have never seen before. Not like normal purple weed. It has multiple redish purple hues all over. And the most interested piece of info is that if the temp in the grow area reaches above 72-74f it stops growing altogether. It loves the cold for some reason and is growing great at 63f at night and 67-68 with lights on. TONS of trichs and at only 4 weeks of flower looks to be a great yield to come.

    Smells kinda like grape or cherries. The whole house smells like it and it smells great! No worry about detection by odor. I turned of my carbon filter even.

    Anyway, I want to know peoples opinions on if this story may be true or not. i am usually very skeptical about things like this. But this guy that gave me the clone is 100% old school vet and is also dying.
  2. Pics or it aint real ;) j/k

    But seriously dude, lets see some pics!
  3. Haha I love a good tall tale, especially one involving genetics. The story sounds plausible, and whether or not its true it sounds like you have some really special bud growing. GET PICS.
  4. Well it's possible I guess, but honestly....

    Having been a grower in the Mat-Su Valley for a while, I can tell you that the original is pretty much dead. The only person that may have it (or something close to it) is some hermit that lives out in the middle of nowhere even by Alaskan standards. He hasn't (to my knowledge) given it to anybody or else it would probably spread like fire in the right circles up here. I have heard the Hells Angels story too. But hey what do I know? Anyways in the the Mat Valley we don't have it.
  5. IF, big IF you have the real thing, you should sell that shit to a grower or breeder and let it be repopulated back into the world, its the greatest service you could do and you could make a fuck ton of money I bet.
  6. Ive heard that its rare at best but not an exticnt strain.... Specially with the fertile soil alaska is packing im sure there are a few native plants in the wild that the strain could be phoenixed from.....
  7. I should add that there is a strain that gets passed around up here called Bobo. As far as I can tell it's the closest to the original that I've found. It's an old cross of Mat Valley Thunderfuck and original Blueberry. It's an awesome strain but I've never gotten a clone of it. Growers up here tend to be extremely possesive and protective of their genetics for some weird reason.

  8. Nope there are no native landraces in Alaska that I know if. I know there are some Ruderalis that grow across the state but nothing you can breed with. Plus afaik the orginal was bred indoors with hydro back in the 70's. Growing outdoors here is difficult because of the very short, mild summers and long daylight hours (we still have 18 hours of sunlight a day at the end of July and we can't really plant outdoors until the 2nd or 3rd week of May at the earliest). I do know some people that opt that to grow that way and are very good at it but most people grow indoors up here
  9. and local knowledge trumps theory
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    I will get some pics, but the camera I have sucks. wish I had not flowered this thing out so fast! Well, whatever the genetics are on this plant, I hope it turns out good!

    Does anyone know any specific traits of the thunderfuck originals that I can look for in this clone?

    My buddy has about 10 of these growing outdoors and they have not started flowering yet, so if I stressed this into hermi, or got some giberellic acid, I could theoretically make some seeds. If this tturns out to be close enough to the real deal, I will breed it and pass the genetics on to a professional breeder for free. I don't want to make money on it, I just want the best weed around to be available to those in need of it (MMJ users).

    Oh yeah, 1 more trait that all the plants of these genetics are showing is the main stem does not grow straight out from the soil. It grows kinda at a 45 degree angle for about 5-8 inches, then upwards. My clone and all 10 of the outdoors my buddy has. I figured it to be the way the plants are following the sun, but they all grow that 45 in a different direction.
  11. double post ^^^^^
  12. The dispensary right near me often has something called "alaskan thunderfuck" that's a favorite of the owner. I believe it's grown by a guy I know that deals with their clones and such.
  13. Take some clippings man, clone it. While not the most desirable time to take a cutting, you can take cuttings during flower, they just take a bit longer to revert to veg. If you got something rare, why aint you clipping it?
  14. Ya i've heard of Alaskan thunderfuck but ive never seen and dont know anyone thats seen it. Doesnt snoop dogg smoke that shit?
  15. Cuttings can be taken anytime I want. The guy I got this from has 10 outdoor that are not flowering yet. he said i can take clones from any of his 55 plants anytime i want, free. He's a cool old guy that is dying so he is only in it for medicine. The only reason I have not yet is because I am moving in a few weeks and can't really take any plants with me for a while. i will try to keep this strain alive and make some seeds if he will let me. I will let mine flower until it produces pollen sacks and maybe pay him to let me pollinate a couple branches to get some seeds.
  16. Well you had mentioned that yours had shown some unique traits, so thats why I suggested clipping it.
  17. my clone and all his 10 are clones from the same plant anyway. So his should flower out just like mine right?

    I mean do clones show different phenotypes than the mother? I woudl thin kit would be the same.
  18. No, a clone, will be the same as a mother..
  19. To ensure that you get seeds of the "purest" type, you should flower your girl too long, wait for it to try to pollinate herself, but let it pollinate one of his, then you can move, take the seeds, and start all over!
  20. A couple of his plants started to flower outside and they show MUCH more purple than mine does. Was the original thunderfuck strains purple? I always thought they were more of a white strain.

    And my camera suks so bad I won't even upload the pics, you can't see anything. Time for me to invest in a decent camera again as my last one was dropped into a 5 gal bucket of fert water LOL.

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