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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by Xavior, Sep 21, 2002.

  1. I have such an incredible head-ache right now.
  2. Well when I get a headache there are two kinds of medicine that will remedy it. One is a synthetic, mass produced tablet full of chemicals. The other is a natural, earthy bud. The latter is FAR superior, but illegal for some reason :)
  3. Headaches definently suck.
  4. just smoke some weed and all will be good
  5. Sometimes I get a headache from smokin pot
    it usually doesn't help as a medicine for me
    I only got less headach when I became a heavier smoker

    it sucks imho :(

    a mint -tea usually does the trick when having an hangover-headache

    grtz ,
  6. weed has to be the best hang over cure ever made

    fucking feeling you there elektrabliss on the tablets with chemicals and the natural god given weed

    skunk is so fucking good
  7. I've never gotten a headache from smokin schwag by itself, but when I have something with caffeine in it after smoking, I do.
  8. Have you ever felt like you shrunk and are now just a head, a stoned head?
    I have 3 kids that came to be cuz we were high and forgot to take precautions, now we realized what was causing the kids so that won't be a problem anymore. The youngest is 10 weeks old now and I don't regret him or his sisters(3 & 5 yo) but sometimes I'd rather be watching the movie Friday and kicking Barney in his big purple ass instead of watching him on TV.
    I also know that the munchies can make ya FAT, just like having kids but nothing beats peanut butter/chocolate Oreos and a YooHoo when stoned.
    I am most likely the oldest coot here, my smokin partner (hubby) quit because of wiz quiz at work so now I'll come here to hang while high.
  9. Posted on the wrong thread, sorry, stoned

  10. you mite be haveing headakes due to dehydration

    smoking anything will deff bother this kind of head ake

    btw hangovers are 90%dehydration....
  11. yeah that always works for me

    drink a big glass of water while smoking
  12. I somtimes get headaches when i smoke seeds and stems
  13. sillly dude dont smoke seeds!!!


    and stems are not so good ither pick that shit out!!!
  14. definently true.for like 2 weeks i was breaking up and leaving stems because i realized they didnt bother me,yesterday i smoked a fat joint and then a pinner later on.20 min later it felt like someone cracked me in the head with a bat.
  15. I'm sorry but does anybody else think this is a stupid thread? If I posted a 'real life story' about whenever my stomach hurt or whenever I was going to sleep, I thought I would get -repped/banned or something to that degree
  16. lol you know how old this thread is haha

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