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Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by bstewart, Aug 1, 2008.

  1. its 3 30 am, im sitting in my boxers only on the balcony to my penthouse smoking a bong by myself listening to lil wayne on my laptop.
  2. sounds chill dude
  3. sounds like me, except that's every night.... and theres usually a girl in my bed.
  4. Does she look like this?


  5. Only when your mom is the girl in my bed.
  6. haha herbal owned
  7. :( good one herbal ha
  8. Would you like some salt for the wound that is all of us dont have a penthouse?
  9. congrats on tryin to act like your the man .... and nice joke douche a 6th grader would do better
  10. whats wrong with her?
  11. Its a joke. That is not my mother.

  12. fixed.

  13. lol sorry
  14. OWNAGE!!!
  15. Lmfao I'm glad this fuck got banned.
  16. i wiwh i could smoke in a penthouse :::(
  17. hahahahaa!!!
  18. "and nice joke douche a 6th grader would do better" your right, a 6th grader could do better than your mother =D, but im drunk so im going back to my lair
  19. This is way too out of order fuck a pent house dream Im happy the way I live with my two bongs girlfriend and my apartment for now
  20. HerbalRemedies, you are my fucking hero. Made me lol so bad

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