Real life Men in Black

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  1. Some people who witness UFOs say they are visited by supposed "Men in Black". They say that these men act strange and don't know how to do basic things, such as eat or use a pen. The men also give them names of people who either Never existed, or are no longer alive.

    What are your thoughts on this?

    Here is an interesting read: 3 Unbelievable Encounters (With the Real Men In Black) - Weird Worm

    (Also, i'm not saying i believe in this, but it is interesting None-the-less.):D
  2. quite obvious, with no sources given, and a site more filled with ads than it is content.. i would be surprised if anyone took this as legitimate
    the most interesting thing was the chimp video though

  3. I'm very skeptical about it myself, but it makes good entertainment.
  4. I like the photo where the guy is getting teabagged and/or farted on
  5. How would they know when every MIB has a standard issue neuralizer??

    (in case you don't know, I also find this as entertainment)

  6. I'm sure that's something that was made up for the movie, but valid point anyways haha.
  7. It's almost fact they are real. It's very well known that most superpowers take ufos very seriously, so it would be no wonder they would have their own covert team of agents to follow up on sightings
  8. That site is a bunch of fucking bullshit, they don't know what they're talking about.

    They post up a story about jelly, and then have a photoshopped image of Jello. Morons :hello:

  9. But here's the thing, these people who have claimed to have seen them say they act in peculiar ways, as i mentioned before with the pen. These people think that they are aliens that are trying to hide their existence. As I stated before, I don't believe it but that's what people say.
  10. Duh. CIA. They're not gonna tell u they CIA... They watching all of us man.. And it all starts with the soybeans.. Stay away from the fountains!

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