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REAL girl scout cookies

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by orange24, Nov 19, 2014.

  1. Anyone know about there being fakes our there? Anyone have access to the authentic GSC strain? especially in so cal
  2. Yes i saw something on Instagram about some dispensary selling fake GSC

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  3. nope, there is nobody out there selling fake GSC, evar
  4. 4/5 when people tell me "yeah man got some gsc, super fire" it's 100% not gsc. you have to remember the business side of things....
  5. Strain names are strain names. The originial GSC ive heard is OG Kush (a very stony high) and Durban Poison (one of our few full, or close to full, Sativas.) Just looking at that combo, having never tried GSC, I see what the hype is about. Where theres hype though, theyre imitators.
  6. Strain classification is such a jumble of crap nowadays. If you buy "White Widow", it should be from the same genetically stable line as every other white widow seed. But instead, you have companies saying "White Widow - We mixed our most potent blah with our fastest meh to bring you White Widow". That's bs. It's not like names are group classifications that different plants can be seperated into. Either they are from the genetic line, or not.
    As a result, if you don't get seeds from the original breeder, you probably don't have a plant with the genetics of whatever other plant you've seen with the same name.
  7. When ever you ask someone what they are smoking on lately they most likely say GSC's. At this point I just assume that it's not actually. It's like it has become something that makes you cool to get.
  8. theres alwaya fakes...years ago it was ________ kush, now its _________ cookies....all $$ bullshit.
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    Pretty much what everyone here is saying. Slap a name on it and it sells.
    ie. U could put out Northern Lights and say that and be told it's great then the next week say it's GSC and people will come back saying how great it was and then ask for more and say oh all U have is Northern lights and they'll take it and come back and say its great but not like the GSC. :laughing:
    May as well say its called Peter, Paul or Mary.
    U will only know for sure if its grown yourself from seed from a reputable company or you have a mothers from seed or U are tight with a grower from seed and mothers to clone from. But even then if they are getting babies from a cloner they can be told its one thing but it is actually another.
    Or of course reputable dispensaries but even then?????
  10. LMAO OP I'd like to see you tell the difference lol. If it gets me high, IDGAF what strain it is lol.
  11. I like to compare this whole Girl Scout Cookies craze to the Jordan's(shoes) craze, basically if you're not getting it from the original source, it's safe to assume it's an imposter.
  12. Dealers fake shit all the time. One of my friends deals on the side, and once he was on the phone with someone who was trying to buy some weed. He turns to me, covers the mouthpiece and says "Dude, name an animal". I'm like "Uh...zebra". He turns back to his phone and is like "Yeah dude, Zebra Kush. The shit's fire". It's not that the stuff he was selling wasn't really good weed, it's just that people get too hung up on strain names and if you're buying from a dealer, you're almost never going to get what the guy says it is.

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