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Real Dank

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by tokinman21, May 15, 2010.

  1. #1 tokinman21, May 15, 2010
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    Okay, so just curious how many of you guys know what I'm talking about...

    I'm totally wasted right now but somehow I can still completely handle my shit and I never used to be able to do that...about two months ago my quality of bud went through the roof and stayed there. Most people have had this quality weed on rare, memorable occasions but my lucky ass can now get it whenever I want. For those of you who can, do you would you agree that it's almost extra category that most people don't really realize/remember exists? For those of you have access to this quality of bud, you know the taste, smell, feel, etc...does it feel to you like you just get so fucking high every time you smoke that you can just completely handle your shit no matter what drug it is, even if it's more intense than weed? It's hard to explain, but it'll be interesting to see if anyone knows what I mean.

    Sorry about my drunk/high ass's typing if i fucked up here haha...130 lb dude with virtually no alcohol tolerance after 10 shots and a couble G-Bongs...oh boy.:smoking:
  2. I've been smoking "real dank" for years now. I don't think it's something you should rush to get if you're new to smoking because once you build a tolerance for the best of the best, what else is there to smoke? I just finished a week long tolerance break, with the exception of a little resin here and there, and I'm about to spark something again in a little.
  3. gods kush, tuna kush, kali mist, purple kush, sage n sour, LA confidential, Afghani Kush, OG kush, maui wowi, etcccccccccccccccccccccccc son.
  4. I've only smoked the best for many years, because I grow it :)

    I am honestly not that impressed with what a lot of people consider 'dank' (God I hate that word. Look up it's meaning). Sure it's good stuff, but there are levels of good stuff that 99% of the smokers never get to see, ever.

  5. Ya, I have to agree. I've seen good stuff, then I've seen GOOD stuff, and, hopefully, I'll get a chance to see even better.
  6. So that was YOU trying to break into my basement last night :devious:
  7. past 5 strains i picked up in order were:

    -Caramel Kush
    -Cherry Kush
    -Purple Kush X Silver Haze
    -B.C Kush
    -Lemon Kush

    welcome to the world of "Real Dank"
  8. Strain names mean nothing even if they are really the strains that are named. How it's grown is a huge part of it.
  9. Need to get lost in Cambodia before my days are up..
  10. I started getting really really good weed a couple months ago and that's all I've been buying. It's awesome but at the same time my high gets less intense because I'm so used to it :mad:
  11. Last night one of my connects had some of the original goo (the shit Afghani was crossed with to make Afgooey), I jumped on it because I always can get those top shelfs, but as far as genuinely historic (should I found like a retard for saying this? because I do) strains I see them once in a while, due to the all the cross breeding and shit.

    This goo was straight WILD, it had a really different (but damn good) smell. and I haven't had a high quite like it in quite some time..I only smoke top shelf too.

    Le sigh, my only regret is that I have but 1.5 left to give for my swisher(s).
  12. I smoke regular, mids, or good. I will only buy good though. If someone rolls up a blunt of reg or mids I will totally be down to puff on it.
  13. People on GC seem to have a lot of hate for Mids. But I love mids, they're my favorite just because they're cheap. But I do try and pick up dank atleast once a month. =]
  14. I love mids because I can smoke a whole ounce without getting too baked. About once a year I buy an ounce of high mids from a friend of mine. It's about the only time I buy weed since I grow all of ours.

    We roll it up into joints, my wife and I, and take it when we go on our annual hiking trips.

    Anyone who hates on mids is misguided. Sure I prefer Prime Filet Mignon but I am not above digging down on a nice tasty Subway once in awhile.

  15. Ain't that the truf! :D
  16. #16 itbeatsdointhat, May 16, 2010
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    see, thats where im confuzzled.
    kushs/hash/oils/budder only, unless something crazy and unforseen happens.. or i order a dif kind..
    but i freakin love eating food thats shit for me. lol i have 0% body fat, but i munch on the
    most "junk" food of anyone i know.... who knows??:hello:

    nvm im just dumb and rippped off this afghani kush, lol your analogy is dead on just doesnt work for me
  17. see, what you should have said was:

    "everybody wants to get with the dankkk bitties, but sometimes you gotta get with some schwag and not tell anyone"
  18. Schwag is a far cry from high mids son ;)

    Most of the high mids in my region are strains like Northern Lights that were just grown in bulk outside so have some seeds and didn't reach their full potential due to how they were grown.
  19. You only made 1 spelling mistake lol, that suggests you have a pretty good tolerance
  20. I don't have access to any real dank at all. No strand names, just stupid made up names and the usual label of "kush". We have regs, dro, and kush. And usually everyone tries to pass it off as something better. Our dealers are high school dropouts without cars sellin grams and "20 bags." I fucking hate Chicago. Only way to know legit people is to pick up pounds.

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