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  1. Hello Blades :wave:

    For a long long long long time now through our evolutionary cycle humans have made some remarkable milestones. But all we are doing is advancing our technology and knowledge. No positive change is coming out of it.

    Man killed man with stick

    Man killed man with dagger

    Man killed man with crossbow

    Man killed man with sword

    Man killed man with cannon

    Man killed men with rifle

    Man killed men with grenades

    Man killed men with machine guns

    Man killed millions with a nuke by pressing a tiny round button

    IS THIS REAL CHANGE?!?! NO! The word killed has been in every sentence.....

    I think this spiritual/evolutionary consciousness shift is all about the REAL CHANGE e are finally coming back to our true self. Our true roots. And we understand that pain/suffering/death/ego is all pointless and meaningless. There should be no more......

    ‎"Instead of killing ten or twenty people with a wooden club, one person can now kill a million just by pressing a small round button. Is that real change?"
    --eckhart tolle
  2. in each generation only a small fraction realizes this... the rest go on about their daily life not really caring one way or the other.

    proof of this is in the recent Canadian election results. the conservatives won, which means more money to corporations and jails, less to the people and the betterment of society

  3. for a second there i thought you were referring to the u.s.... :rolleyes:
  4. Welcome to human nature 101

  5. :D

    I'm just wondering if Human Nature 301 has anywhere in their curriculum

    "All man loved all man with their heart" :smoke:
  6. It's sad, because a lot of times when I try to tell this to anyone, I always get the same response.

    "You're too sensitive"
  7. and sometimes they bust out a homosexual reference. :rolleyes:

  8. :laughing:

    That too.... Sometimes they will just give me a look, like I have completely lost my mind for saying such a thing.
  9. the retarded fucking world is looking in the wrong direction because of the past 50 years or so, i swear it's like everyones fucking brainwashed. :)
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    Wow talk about being negative! This has to be one of the most depressing posts I've seen in here.

    And this quote of yours I find to be particularly repugnant: "But all we are doing is advancing our technology and knowledge. No positive change is coming out of it."

    I could whip up a LONG list of rebuttals for you but the first two that pop into the top of my head.

    The advancement of science and knowledge finds a cure for:

    1. Small Pox... saves MILLIONS of lives.

    2. Polio... saves MILLIONS. lives.

    Tell me that saving hundreds of millions of lives is not a positive thing... please!

  11. YEah, and here we are suffering from over population ;) Saved lives or just prolonged them? Oh snap. But without advancements we wouldn't have this gorgeous thing called the internet. Oh snap.

    it is what it is.
  12. I think your on to something here. I am a firm believer in for every positive "action", there is an equal negative "reaction". Karma if you will. What the OP is claiming does appear to be true.. Man has always had a connection with beating his fellow man.

    Now can we find anything else that hasn't changed since our beginning of existence? Well we still eat... Naw, not good enough. How about we still use our feet? Better, but not completely necessary.. Iknow! How about reproduction? I think we can all agree this can be a wonderful experience that counter acts the killing of our fellow man.

    What better way to replace the man you just killed but to reproduce the cycle. As horrible as this sounds (no, I don't condone fighting or wars), I think it is our subconcious decision to control the Earths populus. This may not have been there intention, but inadvertently, it is what has happened. Likewise, I think it is our subconcious decision to control the Earths populus by reproducing.

    Think about it this way. Men are born with instincts to hunt. Humans are a terrible prey, I agree. However, if the humans didn't do it, the deaths would happen anyways once the Earth sees the destruction our species causes (hence natural disasters). I do believe our planet is coming very close to over-population, which is why we see more and more tragedies day by day.

    The problem with natural disasters controlling the population is we have no control. The planet could very well say F U and be done with us..

    This is my belief to the subject. Please post if you feel differently.
  13. Here is a song that I think relates to the OP. Please read the lyrics along with the song.

    [ame=]YouTube - Right in Two by Tool w/ lyrics[/ame]

    Please post your interpretation of the song as well. It may help answer the op.. sorry if you feel I am derailing the thread.
  14. Will more scientist's save the world?

    the answer is no lol
  15. That's rather a negative view.

    What about the Internet? It is easier than ever for us to come together from all over the world. What about medicine? When we're not being killed by technology, we can generally live longer than ever before. What about flight? We can physically move around faster than ever before, another technology that enables us to come together from great distances.
  16. Technology is just being controlled and used greedily. Need more responsibles in the governments :|
  17. My point here is that, yes, we our advancing our technology in tremendous and phenomenal ways. And in many cases, yes, it is such a positive thing.

    But I was many directing this post towards change in killing. Change in an attitude towards one another. That is what I believe this consciousness shift is all about.

    For advancing this technology and knowledge for only the greater good.

    My original post was showing the advancement of technology through weaponry through the years.

    We have gone to a sharp carved stick to kill maybe a couple people, to designing crazy technology's that can probably wipe out the world.....

    Point is, is that really a REAL CHANGE?'s a tremendous change in weaponry and technology. But NOT a change in hatred and violence. That is what I'm trying to make this thread about....

    lol I know the internet and medicine are positive advancements in technology, not what I'm trying to get at here.
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    I'm sorry, I guess I was confused by the lack of constructive ideas for adopting this REAL CHANGE. What do you suggest we do aside from wait for newage to save us?

    ps Your post reminds me of this:

    Although my problems are meaningless, that don't make them go away
    I need a crowd of people, but I can't face them day to day

    - Neil Young, On the Beach
  19. I don't decide we do anything. Just converse and talk about how crazy our society really is. Each time a guy dies, each time a bomb is dropped, it show's more and more people their true self. The true self that does not respond in negativity/violence

    The time will come

    Awesome my post made Neil pop into your mind, he's one of my hero's.

    I'll choose this song to show my feeling on this topic :smoke:

    Eddie Vedder : Society

    "it's a mystery to me.
    We have a greed, with which we have agreed...
    and you think you have to want more than you need...
    until you have it all, you won't be free.

    Society, you're a crazy breed.
    I hope you're not lonely, without me."
  20. i seriously think the coming generations are becoming smarter in regards to foreign policy and social issues, at least i hope.

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