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Real bad experience

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Aqua_, Jun 27, 2019.

  1. I’m gonna try keep this as short as possible, I just want answers on if I can smoke again really or if it’s risky. This happened 3 days ago.
    I was out with 3 friends and we was In a low-key area, a good place to smoke. We light it up and I’m the 3rd to hit and I take 4 hits. Instantly I feel my chest burning but I didn’t panic. A few minutes after I start to feel dizzy and it keep getting worse and worse, I try to fight it and act like nothing is wrong but it gets to the point where i lost balance and had to sit down, I slowly fade out of consciousness and then my body gives up and I can’t move. The next thing I remember is being up again but it felt really odd and it didn’t feel real, I saw the same thing happen multiple times like I was in a time loop lmao, it didn’t feel like I was controlling myself walk and I was doing it randomly idk. I then slowly calm down but pas out again probably from shock this time, the rest of the day was pretty chill but my sense of touch was kinda fucked for the next 24 hours but that went away. I know that the weed wasn’t laced and it was my 3rd time smoking ever. I want to smoke again but hesitant that something similar will happen.
  2. Damn. What was the name of the strain? Can you find out?

    Other than that, once knowing what the strain is, avoid it, and smoke something else to play it safe.
  3. I got told it was a mix of 3 diff strains maybe that’s why idk
  4. I'm sorry about your experience.

    Find out, I wanna try that shit!
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  5. Probably just over did it can have shitty exp. If it really good weed and being new or could be a strain issue. Iv smoked some sativa dominated stuff i could have sworn i was about to die. Just gotta keep calm and remember it wont kill ya.
  6. I wouldn’t mind the experience now (except passing out twice) but I never thought that you could have this much of a bad reaction to weed lmao. Shat myself whilst it was happening but definitely hasn’t put me off wanting to do it again
  7. Yeah it’s definitely taught me a few things lmao. I’m waiting for a bit to try it again though
  8. Cold wash rag on the forhead and a dark room helps if i run into the issue. Rare instances people can have allergies to terpenes and stuff but if no throat swelling or difficulties breathing i think was proablly just over use . i am not a doctor though . ymmv
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  9. All I had was chest pain but that was probably anxiety so yeah don’t think it was allergies.
  10. Passed out hmmmm. I’d be wondering if it were synthetic weed with those effects.
  11. That wasn’t marijuana imo
  12. Sounds like a green out.
    Often caused by a sudden movement (like standing up too quickly).
    Low blood sugar, from not enough food.

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  13. I didn’t want to simplify it mod but you get the chicken dinner with that one :passtheshit:
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  14. I don’t think it was though that’s the thing
  15. Everyone else was just fine though
  16. Yeah maybe it was anxiety as after I smoked I had a burning sensation in my chest that triggered me feeling dizzy
  17. Ahh any allergies or chest cold brewing? That’ll cut down on you o2 level
  18. No allergies and no cold
  19. I’m somewhat allergic to flower, bud, sometimes I feel like it’s bronchitis or something. Take care and look at what you smoke friend.
  20. Yeah thanks bro, I just wanna smoke and chill with my friends but I turn it down every time because of what happened I’m just waiting for the right time I guess

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