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  1. Hey I decided I want to top my blueberry clone, I have had it for about 3 weeks but it has had some problems. I transplanted it into new soil 6 days ago since then it has grown more than it did the other 2 weeks, is it time to top? I have never topped before and I'm unsure where to cut, or if it is ready.
    The plant is 5 inches tall, a blueberry clone it is in soil, and was growing via CFL until today, I added 1 400w MH today, it is for 3 plants though, and is about 30 inches from the blueberry, the blueberry has supplemental CFL lighting.
    heres the pictures
    From my understanding I am supposed to cut along the red line, cutting away the new growth circled in red?

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  2. if i were you i would not top yet but thats your choice you cut the new groth on the main cola just cut it of that will create to new branches to shoot out .
  3. may I ask why you would wait?

    Also the temperatures are lower now, but I am having some trouble keeping them low now that I introduced a mh bulb

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