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  1. I've got one plant going. Bag seed. Fox farm OF. GH nutes in veg, FF Tigerbloom and FF bigbloom in flower. Max recommended strength all the way through. Box fan in a closet.

    But down to my big question.
    Is this girl ready?
    I've been keeping an eye on calyxs and trichs, and the pistils are definitely receding into the calyxs and darkening. The trichs look to be mostly cloudy with 5-10% amber.
    Although at the top of colas some appear to be clear still? Maybe I'm just not telling a big difference between clear and cloudy. Help me out with that?
    And will my trichomes continue to mature and change the high of my smoke throughout drying and curing?
    Say if some are still clear; are those likely to turn at least milky shortly after harvest?
    Was aiming for a more cerebral experience. Around 20-25% amber.
    But if this is ready, I'll be flushing today and harvesting by Thursday.

    Also if you take a look at the pic of just the one finger, and zoom a bit, you'll see some trichs that appear to be very dark. Well with the eye and a loop; they're extremely red. Like dragon blood red lol never heard of this before and it's puzzling. The only thing I could think is maybe temp fluctuation due to having to move to a smaller enclosed space. That's the only factor that's changed through this whole ordeal.

    Anyways, now that the ramble is over (hope you stuck through it) All opinions welcome.


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  2. Badass monkey...:icgreen:

    I've never seen that dark of trichomes before, but I would definitely say that you should be flushing right now, for sure.

    You could probably chop at any point, but if you haven't started flushing yet, I would flush and give it a few more days so you have time to wash as much of the salt and the nutrients out as possible. I'd do my best to chop right before lights on, if you can, so the plant has had the night to rest. I've read that the plants brings nutrients up to the tops during lights on so I normally try to follow this.
  3. I flushed it two days ago :smoke:
    Monday I'm chopping it. After full darkness From 12 am (when lights go out) Saturday to 3:30pm Sunday (right before lights come on.
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  4. Decided to give it a little more time lol Said that twice now since the first time I though about harvesting. But definitely harvesting tuesday night. It's been in the dark since midnight last night. Got the drying/curing closet set up today. I like it :love-m3j:
    The fan is just to keep circulation. It's going to be blowing straight at the back wall on the lowest setting. Used an old window screen for the drying rack for smaller buds.
    Floss for string attached to the hanging bar for the big nugs.
    After drying I'll have jars lining one side of the closet, no lights, and wrapped in tape. Fan still going to keep it cool. Tends to get hot/muggy in my place this time of year.
    I'm pretty excited :weed:

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  5. Nope doing it now lol
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  6. You should really try and get yourself a horticultural grade lighting system... you're using as much electricity as one but not getting the benefits by using CFL to flower under. You'll triple; quadruple your harvest weight and most importantly you'll end up with a much higher quality cannabis.

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  7. I'm planning on that. Don't have the money right now and this was my first grow so just went with them.
    A lot of my buds were pretty airy.
    Don't think I'm getting as much as I planned on. The biggest are about the width of a bic; maybe a bit wider.
    The weird thing is though. Two days ago I was in the closet looking at the buds before I sealed it back up until last night, and they were noticeably thicker. Also when I cut it everything felt humid as hell in there and leaves were sticking to the buds. Do you think that maybe the dry end of flush dried the buds some and shrank them a bit? Maybe that's also part of the sweaty feeling to them. plus some humidity?

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  8. I don't see the buds shrinking while they're on the plant and alive - but know that they WILL shrink considerably once harvested.

    Start saving man. You NEED a light.

    Good job for your first. It only gets better from here.

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  9. Thanks jerry!
    And about 8 weeks Boom.

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