Ready to harvest? 1 Possible Hermi? Help?

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  1. I am confused about harvesting, i know you should wait for one of the following...

    50% Pistils (white hairs) start turning brown


    50% of the THC droplets on the hairs trun brown (can't see this with naked eye)

    Which is it?

    Here is a pic of the plant which is tallest and has biggest buds, is this top bud ready to harvest? if so shall i wait untill the other buds are ready or top it?

    Top Bud 2.jpg

    Top bud.jpg

    And here is a pic of a side branch/Bud ...

    Side Bud.jpg

    Hermi Problem???....

    The buds have what appears to be seed's growing. I'm confused because it looks like seed's first of all but after a couple of days, 2 brown hairs protrude from it and eventually i think this turns into white hairs. And i can only find a couple of seeds here and there. Look at pics....

    Top of hermi1.jpg

    Is this ok?
    Will all these seed's turn into nicley packed buds?
    Is this a Hermi and if so what should i do with it?
    there's loads of THC droplets etc...
    Please could someone put my mind at rest, I'm confused about harvesting.
    Also will it be ok to put the buds in the attic (roof)for drying, it's dark and has circulating air?

    Also i'm now watering with just PH corrected rain water too flush out ferts, is this ok.
  2. those are false seed pods and its normal

    Id wait another week or so till more of the pistils turn redish

    the longer you let it ripen the stronger the buzz(couchlock)

    you can buy a handheld microscope at radio shack for less than $10.00 ................50% cloudy is about earliest or turning amber for couchlock.....
  3. Thanks again GG, your a legend.

    i'm now watering with just PH corrected rain water too flush out ferts, is this ok.

    Also the leaves on most of my plants have turned bright yellow??

    I'm watering well every 3-4 days. I have 10 liter pots which are 3/4 full of soil. I am watering with 2 liter per plant. The water does run out of the pot at the bottom.

  4. Your doing just fine, the yellowing is normal at this point in the cycle, & frankly too many people dont back off the nutes soon enough to allow the plant to feed on its self to turn yellow the last 2-3 weeks

    when its doing this its robbing the nitrogen & other essential nutes it requires to make the buds....

    the whole point of slow dry curing is to allow the nitrogen to breakdown so we dont taste it...

    Its actually time to flush your plant, 3 times the volume of the container EG: 1 gal pot = 3 gal. flush..............your last gallon of the flush I generally add 1 tabelspoon of "unsulphured" molasses as a carbo boost and the sugars aid in the breakdown of the ferts in the plant material

  5. GG,

    I live in the England, UK, and i don't think molasses is sold here?
    It looks like it's just Syrup??
  6. its a baking product
  7. In the UK they call molasses something different. I think it's called black treacle or something like that.
  8. Treacle is a British term, a generic word for any syrup made in the process of refining sugar cane and it can range from very light to very dark. However, when used in cooking, treacle has come to mean the equivalent of dark molasses. If a British recipe calls for "treacle," you can comfortably substitute dark molasses.

    good one bosendorfer, I googled what you posted
  9. Thanks GG & Bosendorfer,

    I shall use treacle to breakdown the remaining Ferts.

    :hello:Big Respect!

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