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Hello Everyone, 1st time here Does this look ready to Harvest

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  1. Help is this ready to harvest?

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  2. Here I come...............:love-m3j:

    Hard to tell from your pics....but I see several long white hairs.....indicating to me that you might have a bit longer to go....
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  3. 2 more months!
  4. Hang tight for a few more weeks, they are packing on weight & trichromes even though it seems they have stalled, don't cheat yourself you have waited this long..
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  5. Thanks everyone. Greatly appreciated.
    Do I continue to water as I have been?
  6. That's what I would do if they were mine.....
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  7. Indeed I would continue to water & might even try a little molasses... Stay the course things seem to crawl along the final weeks but the rewards are worth it..
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