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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by Sunflower, Sep 26, 2003.

  1. Hello,
    This is my second real grow, and I am hesitant to harvest, because I f-ed up last time. The thing is that I waited too long, and when I finally did harvest, it worked ,but not too good. So I would like some opinions on this one, just so I feel a little more comfortable. She is northern lights and I am guessing that she is in about the 6th week of flowering. i don't know that exactly, because I forgot to write it down. I can't go around screwing things up, because between isabel the hurricaine, and plain bad luck, I have one plant left. :(
    the buds are about 1-1.5 inches thick, is this normal for nl when it isn't dry. Itseems pretty small to me.
    here are the pics

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  4. she seems fairly close to on track. she still has some time to go and should put on some more girth. wait until 70% of the hairs turn red, or if you have a good magnifier when the trichomes (crystals) turn from clear to milky
  5. Wait a couple more weeks and post us another picture then. I think you have 2-3 weeks to go from the looks of your pics.

  6. yeah, i think NL is indica. But I will have to check. I will let you guys know what is going on in about a week.


    I am going out to get a magnifier tomorrow.\\\\\\\
  7. Hey Target has a Cannon Digi cam on sale, 3.2 mega pixel!! Only $199 and comes with a free 128mb card too.

    thing takes, pics, movies, zoomes all the bells and whistles, and has a special close up mode that rocks!

    Cannon Powershot A300
  8. I am using a nikon coolpix 4500 or 5100, something like that. Grreat pictures as long as you put it on fine... It can only hold like 15 pictures like that.

  9. Toshiba 3300 3.3 megapixels 2048x1536 max resolution and that pic is at the lowest setting 640x480 and the lowest quality. Any pic higher quality than that won't fit on this site.

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  10. dam im an idiot.... I never knew you had to put a digi camera into a closeup mode. i just realized theres a button with a flower under it and when i hit it closups come in crystal clear. Just goes to show no ones too smart to read the dam instructions. LOL
  11. And shade its not stelaing the thread, its just normal drifting and going OT because we already gave our advice ect.
  12. sunflower when you get this send me an email i have some informaton for you.....KEN
  13. True, but it can ruin a convo if they arent offended.
  14. Hey, it is cool... I don't really get offended. This weekend, they should be getting ready and I will have pics for some advice. Just in case.
  15. a month or 2
  16. For what?

  17. um
    g what was that for

    your plant
    i think
  18. Alright, if you say so... But I will stick with 2 weeks, because that would push flowering into about 70 days... Sounds a little off if you ask me.
    But anyway, on another note. Here is that other picture... a little blurry, but it looks good. I would like some more thoughts... thanks
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  20. I would day theve been ready already, you should harvest now!

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