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  1. hey guys Im 7 weeks into flowering. When do you think these beauties will be ready for harvest?

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  2. Depends on what you want? This is a generality. Mostly cloudy trichs some clear trichs no amber trich = lighter less sedative high. 50% cloudy trichs and 50% amber trichs = Heavy sedative high.
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  3. A few weeks yet. Maybe start flushing if you haven't it will help fade out the very green leaves.
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  4. Havent started flushing will do!
  5. is it indica dom or sativa dom or evenly split hybrid ??
  6. I find slowly backing off the fertalizer over a few weeks to nothing works well
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  7. One on left is supposed to be sativa dom (blue ice) one on right is indica dom (do si dos)
  8. Screenshot_20190512-183934_Chrome.jpg best thing I've found to harvest off of.
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