Ready for harvest?

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by df47, Jun 27, 2019.

  1. FB5BFE32-1396-4EF6-9668-86CCBB319F3C.png C29FAD6E-C8C1-4AC7-AF62-4B017895E5CF.png A55816E3-8A5F-41E5-A40C-C403B07AB344.jpeg Hey guys this is my first grow so don’t want to leave it too late or harvest too early
    How much longer do you think I have until my buds are ready?
    Any clear indicators when they are definitely ready?
  2. Still alot of white pistils. I would go one more week maybe little more.
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  3. yea i agree with @Sade give it another week ten days ...get a magnifying glass or jewlers loupe and check the thrichomes ,,,heres a chart to help you see,,,mac, when-to-harvest-cannabis-diagram (1).jpg
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  4. great advice by the other 2 posters . i want to comment . never just go by scoping them out it can trick you . if you scope them now you may see a few of them are amber with all of those white hairs its a trick. always wait unit those white hairs change colors then get your scope out . my best guess 2 weeks ? keep us updated in 7 days new pics
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  5. Okay thanks for the info guys
    What’s everyone suggestions for the best spot to let dry?
    I have a small tent that I use for vegging would this be fine to let dry? Or would there not be anough air circulation in there?

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