Ready for harvest?

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  1. This is my first grow and I can't seem to get my hands on a magnify glass. Does this look ready for harvest? Thanks

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  2. Here's closeups. I just watered them and I flushed a week ago.

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  3. All these views.. And no help?
  4. They look real close, I go with 50% or better red hairs. For a microscope I use a camera in macro mode.
  5. well i have family coming in a few days, and id like to start the 48Hour dark period before harvest.  Im trying to have it cut down ASAP!
    As sad as it sounds, . ill move it later for the drying part.....
  6. I had to cut it down :(
  7. Should have a jewlers loupe on had to check the color of trichs
  8. it has no choice but to be finished
  9. if i were you, i would've cut it anyway. looked nice and ready!
  10. yea the funny thing is, the pot was so heavy and broke by accident, and it was right at the time of harvest lol

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