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    \tPlease note that my real name can never be revealed and I shall not mention anyone else's names either.

    \tHere we have a ‘family' with 5 persons, father and mother, two boys and one girl. The girl takes after her mother who takes after her family's non-tolerance of marijuana. The girl is out of the picture, but we'll first take a look at her.
    \tShe's really just a silly girl, but a grown up silly 21-year old. Her behaviour as a persistent girly-type daughter, puts her out of this discussion.

    \tThe father is the ‘damage case' of the family. He is currently in his late forties, a short plump but serious looking man, sometimes accompanied by a fine voice. He is a marijuana-smoker and has been all his life. He attended one of the top secondary schools at his time, which is significant for a country-boy like himself. He was always a bright boy. Little is known abut his early manhood , except that he moved on to be a nurse at a hospital for the mentally challenged, and married a country-woman whom he met in the nurse's training college.
    \tHis history of marijuana use is a very traditional one, his family being of Indian origin dating a few decades away from their homeland. His usage been the cause of much dispute in the household, the arguments over the last few years basically cycle along with the times he got caught.

    \tThe main players of the arguments were, of course, the mother and father, their offspring having relatively no say in sometimes even their own lives. A very traditional country family who lived a city life. The male children both took after their father. The older boy (currently a University of the West Indies Bsc. and 20 years old.) took completely after his father including his temper and rough behavour. He was a quiet boy whence he grew up though, and discovered the world as we all do. (although some never do L) The other boy, the last child (currently 16 years and an advanced-level secondary student) is the person of note.
    \tA radical kid, he adopted the calmer side of his mother and the ‘side' associated with his brother and father. This led him to be the star-child in his early childhood (because of his looks) and a ordinary type (a ‘Stuck With Me' green day type) after he grew up. And in finally adopting the herb of his brother and father, he finally (really) grew up.
    \tBecause you see, he would sometimes be seen, and one might think he might be talking to himself, but he was not. This it was discovered, greatly worried his father. He told his son about it only a few times in his early childhood, but the boy knew the significance of such deeply-thought-out worry. He knew his father did not like seeing him in such a state, and therefore shunned the mood in his presence, or checked sometimes to make sure his father was not around, whenever he felt such a state.

    So what's the point of this story? Well you figure it out.
    It's really great mental exercise.
    But I'll give you two hints for guidance:
    1. Both father and son are SANE.
    2. You know of the mental expansion that marijuana is supposed to bring, don't you? Well you know the voice that you hear when you under ganja, it's not someone inside you though you may perceive it is and ‘talk' to different people you know by your thoughts. But it's all mental, that voice is yourself, YOUR MIND. Challenge the mind and see what thoughts you are capable of..

    Well folks, I'll be back tomorrow or the day after (or both) to check responses. PLEASE RESPOND with your thoughts, the benefits of separate minds analysing such a seemingly insignificant yet important story is incalculable.
    I'll also get the thoughts of the 16 year old guy who figured out his story.
  2. hmmm, kind of glanced through it not understanding why you posted it, then got to the end and decided I won't read again cause if I took a shot at it my response would make no senese, so I will wait for a smart guy to come in here and read :)

  3. whaaaaaaaaaaaat?
  4. damn, I want someone to expline wtf he is trying to say there, Nub, come read!!!
  5. i know i promised to post a reply in a few days but my net's not at home no more and i spend most of my days really stoned thses days.

    so here's what i'll do.. it's an interesting story so i'll go home and prepare an explanation then post it. i can't promise when
  6. Ok, I'll play!

    I'm going to follow the story to try and understand any point to it. The whole "family" thing with the daughter is odd but from what I get from the story her intelligence is nothing to write home about so she is discluded. So, we now have a family of four-father, mother, and 2 sons.

    The father. the "damage case" as the story says, appears to be highly intelligent and probably gained much of his knowledge through MaryJane opening his mind. The problem that I do have with this so far is that there are arguments concerning his usage. If he's always been a pot smoker, and I have no reason to believe that he doesn't strongly stand by his convictions, why would he be in a relationship with someone who disapproved. The story states that she took after her families intolerance of marijuana. It makes no sense. The next thing that concerns me is him getting caught. People with his level of intelligence and life-long usage of marijuana just don't get caught and when they do, it's only once. Of course, I'm probably digging to deep but I'm still unsure of where I'm going to end up with this.

    So, the mother and father argue about him smoking weed and the kids mostly just kicked back and watched. I'm not so sure that this 'country family living a city life' plays a part yet but I take note of it. So, the boys take after dad and the oldest even has his temperament.

    The youngest boy is the key. Or so the story makes you believe. This is where I get says he's a radical kid yet he turns out to be ordinary. That doesn't happen often unless it's just pertaining to appearances.

    Apparantly, the father had noticed him "talking to himself" throughout his childhood before smoking marijuana so my first thoughts on this were tossed out. So, he knew what he was doing, to be able to avoid the "mood" when his father was around.

    I see no insanity in the family. Maybe some oddness in why the mother and father are together but I see nothing sad, either. It states that this is a sad story so I have a theory as to why it's supposed to be sad. The sister is "out of the picture" and has been since she was a little girl. Hence, she died at an early age giving her 'ghost', if you will, a persona of a "grown up silly 21-year old" that the youngest son tended to have conversations with throughout his life.

    The only way I see that marijuana ties into this is that when the youngest boy started getting high, he realized that his sister was in his own mind which in turn allowed him to finally grow up.

    The ONLY point I see to this story is-- to make you think. Period. You say it's a mental exercise. Well, my mind went for a jog and now it's time to do some stretching elsewhere.

    If there is another point, I will be glad to hear it. I just can't see it now. Maybe later, something new will dawn on me but as of right now-NOTHING!
  7. i was trying to express my frustation with life during a very difficult period.
    i have grown now and i understand my 'role' and myself so it's not a sad story.

    the point of the story is the father's usage was passed to his son.

    I am the son.

    i have (and have always had) a 'high' mind.
    i cannot fight it, it is who i am.

    i know this because i know what marijuana does to the brain, as i used it recently (go read my long post in world forum)
    i now will not retreat to the old world which i was in the process of leaving when i posted the weird message.

    the point of the story explains the mystery of what marijuana does to DNA.

    once again, read the long post.

    it changes your dna, so you would have a hyper-active mind, all the time, like how you are when your high.
    that's what makes so much 'schizsophrenics' out of us.

    when i was young i thought it was a common thing to converse with my inner being and i did it openly, often provoking stares and comments like:
    "stop talking to yourself, little boy"

    i thought i would have gone crazy (or people would think i would) and i saw my father's glance when he sometimes 'caught' me conversely mentally.

    as i grew older, i realise that i was very different, and i was, and still am, rejected by my society around me, including my family who still can't understand. (even though they are users)

    i have changed. at that time i thought i was in an unfortunate situation because of my father (who is very mean).
    i thought that i will not ever leave marijuana alone because of him, but i know now that i am me.

    i think, therefore i am.
    only I can make Me think.

    i stopped for a week.
    and i realised that's it's a state of mind.
    i started back when i didn't even want to.
    i started back because i knew that i am not a drug user, i use marijuana, no cigarrettes, no excessive alcohol (so far there's none)

    i have dedicated my life to learning, loving and helping others learn.
    i am studying all the time, and i hope i can contribute somethying productive in life, unlike the picture that is constantly being painted by my family and their beliefs and history.

    i see too much hate and non-undertanding.
    no hope.

    yesterday i saw (by talking to the dealer and the 3 other ordinary people around him, all
    of different age groups and expectations from life) that some people listen.

    they listened and told me i was making sense.
    i was just expressing myself

    i have independently-developed concepts that 'conform' totally to hippy-type beliefs developed by totally different people in a totally different part of the world!
    i think (believe) it's cause we both listen attentively to ourselves an we use the brain-grass.

    anyway, i'm sorry for the trouble i've caused, i was going through an internal metamorphisis that was not-yet completed.
    now i am strong because of all the pain i have been through, all the hurt and unfair suffering

    now iam on a 'mission' to educate people on the philosphical/spritual/everything-society-isn't teaching-about-human/'finer' aspects of our existence.

    i shall promote peace, and shall contribute as long as i am able. (in this electronic form that means internet access, which i can only use for a short time in school. i mainly surf n save and go home and soak in)

    sorry for the trouble.

  8. a simple 'hello' would have sufficed.....
  9. I think I might possibly know what you're saying... okay, I know what you're saying, just not what it means. Perhaps you're simply over-analizing things, something that I do often. As for the whole 'talking to yourself' thing, I've been the same way most of my life, my imagination tends to wander so much that every little thing turns into a game, I set perameters for myself because the ones that society has set for me either don't work or don't make sense. people have told me I have paranoid delusions that verge on obsessive/compulsive disorder. I like to think of it as having a perspective so different that the only person that can keep me under control is me. Oh, I don't have much of a point here, I'm just trying to empathize with this guy, I don't understand what he's saying but I know where he's coming from. one more thing, I've never known marijuana to have any DNA changing effects on the body, you're thinking of 'oleastra' that stuff they put in the fat free Lays chips.
  10. NamRon

    A simple...... You have caused me to laugh, thereby loosening my teeth, swallowing, choking on them and placing my pipe in jeoprady of being dropped. I SHALL have my revenge!

    Paul J Jamtgaard
  11. Damn. KraziHare, I'm exactly like that. To a T almost.

  12. glad to see somebody got a kick out of it, lmao.:D:D havent seen ya in awhile, ya been around?
  13. namron

    I clicked into a thread called The Story Game and immediately had to dig a hole for cover. I'm tellin ya that thread is plumb dangerous, shit flyin around so thick I couldn't look over the edge of my hole, finally had to dig a back door to a hyperlink and work my way back to my IP, ruined my clothes and I had to take a bath and then smoke a grain of weed I picked up on the way, wasn't bad smoke cause it did put me in a better mood. Got a couple more flakes I'm eyeballin at the moment cause my nerves are still a bit frayed. I go in that thread again, Im goin with artillary and air support.

    Paul J Jamtgaard

    sounds like we need to get that thread goin again :D

    and yes, the shit was indeed flyin about....somehow along the story line it always wound up in my stomach :-S
  15. ReeferCat...

    It's always nice to know there are others out there that think like me. :)

    oh, and the story game? that's a potentially scary thread no matter what forum it's in.

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