Reading while stoned

Discussion in 'General' started by s0ad05, May 19, 2006.

  1. i decided yesterday to start reading The Da Vinci Code before the movie comes out. So i had a little left over bud that i had from a friend and I can tell you that I LOVE READING HIGH!

    Its ridiculous especially for the book i am reading.

    Anyways had to share that
  2. I love to read when your high, but I get distracted REAL easy. haha
  3. i've never tried
  4. ^^ damn thats 2 peoples signature i'm in i'm fuckin famous haha, but anyway everytime i read my eyes read and my brain thinks something else after i read for a lil while and i read a whole page and dont remember anything i just read, its pretty lame
  5. When I first start it's hard to concentrate on the individual words, like my eyes can't trace the straight line the words go in, but then after a while it gets better and I can read without even realizing that's what I'm doing. It's like I'm creating it all in my head. Cool stuff.

  6. WORD man. That same exact shit happens to me all the time, stoned or not, it is madddd wack.If i can actually pay attention, books are the shit.If im kickin it in the library i dont get distracted as easily, i read half a vietnam soldier book there whn i was just chillin, it seemed quite realistic.:smoke:
  7. yea, it really helps you picture whats going on. If i had a better attention span i would prefer it to movies. I took some acid hoping to read once... that didn't last very long lol.
  8. I can not read when I'm high. If I tried to read when I was completely blitzed I would either A). have blurry slow-mo vision and not be able to focus on the words and/or B.) get tired and fall asleep with the book in my hands.
  9. I do the same as a couple posts above, ill be reading, but then my thought start trailing off, and although my eyes are still scanning every word, im not paying attention at all :p
  10. hahaha, i would *like* to read when i'm high, but after a page or two it's LIGHTS OUT. i'm so glad that after a couple more days, i never have to have english class right after a wake and bake ever ever again!
  11. It helps me picture whats going on a lot easier but a lot of time I enjoy kicking back with a movie better.
  12. I love reading when I'm sober, but when i'm baked by the end of the sentence I've forgotten what the begining of it said so i end up reading the same sentence 5 times.
  13. my mind goes everywhere i don't want it to go when im reading and am high. i can't remember what i just read what page i was on what paragraph lol

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