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    Some studies can't wait!

    Talcum induced pneumoconiosis following inhalation of adulterated marijuana, a case report. (abst – 2012) Talcum induced pneumoconiosis following inhalat... [Diagn Pathol. 2012] - PubMed - NCBI

    Talcosis, a granulomatous inflammation of the lungs caused by inhalation of talcum dust, is a rare form of pneumoconiosis. Besides inhalative occupational exposure, intravenous abuse of adulterated drugs is a major cause for this condition. Minerals such as talcum (magnesium silicate) and sand (predominant silicon dioxide) are used to increase both volume and weight of illicit substances. In intravenous heroin-abuse, talcosis is a well-known complication. Here we describe a case of talcosis caused by inhalative abuse of adulterated marijuana. Clinical history A 29-year old man presented with persistent fever, dyspnea and cervical emphysema. He admitted consumption of 'cut' marijuana for several years, preferentially by water pipe smoking. Morphologic findings Lung-biopsies showed chronic interstitial lung disease, anthracotic pigments and birefringent material. Energy dispersive x-ray spectroscopy revealed silicon-containing particles (1-2 mum) and fine aluminum particles (<1 mum), magnesium and several other elements forming a spectrum compatible with the stated water pipe smoking of talcum-adulterated marijuana. CONCLUSIONS: The exacerbated chronic interstitial lung disease in a 29-year old patient could be attributed to his prolonged abuse of talcum-adulterated marjuana by histopathology and x-ray spectroscopy. Since cannabis consumption is widely spread among young adults, it seems to be justified to raise attention to this form of interstitial pulmonary disease. Virtual slides The virtual slide(s) for this article can be found here: virtual slide DiagnomX - Error 404.

    Granny's translation- Talcum will mess up your lungs if you inhale it, in other unmentionable abuse, its bad effects are well known. This case involves a patient who had fevers and difficulty breathing. He had been smoking cannabis that had been contaminated with talcum powder. Even though he used a water pipe to filter the smoke, his lungs were filled with microscopic bits of aluminum and other minerals. We are pretty sure his smoking contaminated cannabis caused this. Because a lot of young people smoke pot, we thought we better make this known. Pics showing the damage at virtual slide DiagnomX - Error 404.

    (edit- the virtual slides are not functioning yet- maybe by the time you read this, they will be.)

    I certainly hope there is a special place in HELL for those who contaminate healing cannabis with harmful substances for profit! :mad:

  2. Mad rep on that heads up theyre Granny. I would hate to ever know someone fell for that. This is exactly why it should be law that the plant is natural and no law should touch it.
  3. How would someone in a nonmedical state know though? Unless they took the risk to grow their own or were lucky enough to be close to someone who has.
  4. Never heard of such a thing. Talcum powder isn't something heavy enough to make a difference in weight unless it was so covered in the stuff it would be more than noticeable. And it's doubtful that Talcum adulterated buds white in color could hardly be mistaken as the look of a massive trich covering. Bizarre!
  5. That's incredibly weird, as the person above me has said, I guess it really is the guys fault, even though that's really messed up someone would put that crap in his medicine.
  6. Scary stuff. Thanks for the heads up, Granny.
  7. amazing find of a link. Granny = Ganja Goddess of Information.
  8. Why would someone do this? Like someone above said, it's not heavy enough to add weight, and doesn't really look like trichs. So what would the point of this be? The only thing I can even imagine is so that you can cause harm to a person because you think that sort of thing is fun.
  9. My thought is that the talcum was one of several ingredients used to adulterate the cannabis in this case study, but it was the talcum setting things off. The other ingredients could add weight, the talcum to add whiteness?

    Anyway, shit like this is why you guys MUST become activists! If this were happening to parsley, the culprit would be grabbed by the FDA so fast his head would spin! Only in a black market can stupidity like this can happen!

  10. Granny is there anything I should look out for? Any visual indicators of tampering that us blades should know about?

    Like how you can tell if it is sprayed with glass by rubbing your buds against an old cd, if it is scratched horribly after then you have a little bit too much glass with your cannabis.
  11. Well, the abstract said the poor fool KNEW the cannabis was contaminated, so it must be fairly obvious! So LOOK at what you are buying! I would also look at the baggie since contaminants can rub off. Trichs don't look like talcum!
  12. Isn't talcum actually harmful in other forms too? I've heard people comparing it to parabens in our cosmetics...!
  13. The cartels have been dusting weed with talcum,,trying to disguise the odor,,,,I think squirting marijuana teas on every vehicle crossing the border would remove the drug dogs in just a few hours,,after they got tired of searching every car.
  14. Yep this is the only danger of smoking marijuana. I somehow smoked mold about two months ago and it almost caused permanent damage to my lungs. More like, it should have, but im one of the lucky ones.

    Of course this issue would be solved the instant marijuana is legalized and sold in stores, but...yeah.

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