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READ PLEASE!Passing Out from smoking pot

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by lovely7, May 5, 2003.


Have you passed out from smoking pot??

  1. Yes

    2 vote(s)
  2. Never

    2 vote(s)
  3. Yes but I smoked a lot and I'm a lightweight

    0 vote(s)
  1. My friend sometimes passes out from smoking pot. Now she is no light weight. She goes through a Q in like 3 days.I have also passed out ( I'm seasoned also). I know other people who have done this.Going on message boards I've read similar experiences. I've heard passing out from it could be diet related.(?) Any info or similar experiences please.

    Me & her have been to the doctor and we are totally healthy.
  2. Is coughing involved? I know people who pass out briefly after they cough. That happens because there is a temporary reduction of blood flow to the brain, which means less oxygen is reaching the brain. It's caused by a reflex of the involuntary nervous system that leads to a slowing of the heart rate. It could also be related to how long a hit is held which will also effect the blood flow to the brain.

    There is nothing about THC that would cause a person to lose consciousness, though. It has to be related to what your body is doing in relation to actually smoking it.
  3. u actually passout? like.... take a hit, and loose conciousness? or do u mean just like passout like get tired and sleep...

    everyone gets tired now and then, but iv never actually "passed-out" ...

  4. I've smoked till I could no longer take a hit and couldnt think move or talk----But that was from smokin like 5 blunts full of KB with some other friends. I've never passed out but I've heard of a girl that did. Maybe when gurls try to keep up with the guys they pass out. Also, when u stand up out of bed in the morning do u feel kind of weird or dizzy for a second? cuz my friend had that and the docter told him to drink more water (8 glasses a day). I think these 2 things could be connected cuz i think he might have passed out once when we smoked.

  5. nope, never!
  6. i've only passed out after smoking weed once, but i was drinking very very heavaly, and puking then followed.
  7. never passed out, which is funny cuz i do a lot at a time
  8. nope never, i once almost did but it was a combination of being high, standing up too quickly, being very hot, and dehydration. i just had to sit down for a while
  9. I've never passed out and I'm kinda a lightweight. Before I knew how the noises in the room would affect me I smoked a good little bit once and then couldn't do anything 'cause the room was killing me so I took a nap...and woke up 3 and a half hours later still stoned and had to go to a tutoring session. That was the hardest tutoring session of my life.
  10. i have a tutor and last week he told me that he smokes too. it was really funny. yeah, just felt like sharing
  11. mike, i LOVE YOUR SIG!!!! :D towelie ROCKS!!! I still think cartman's funny as hell though :)

    oh ya, no, i've never passed out from smokin weed :)
  12. i have. and im not ashamed to admitt it =0P it was bomb stuff.
  13. i have.

    i had a half of kind bud and i had been smoking throughout a period of about 2 hours. i was pretty fucking high, out looking at the stars and i passed out, fell straight down, but i was only down for like a minute or two.

    hey.......i was stoned
  14. i've fallen asleep, spewed a tonne, felt like i was sinking into a black hole, fallen on my ass, flew up to tha moon, and all sorts of other typical shit after chonging... but never ever have i passed out. (unless you include gently drifting of to sleep as passing out)
  15. I nearly passed out while holding in a hit last weekend. It was mainly due to the fact I was performing an elevator however. I was at the Coachella music festival and some dude gave me a pipe to hit out of nowhere and said it was way chronic so I said ok and I smoked it. I crouched down so security wouldn't see me, took the hit, and stood up quickly. I handed the dude back his pipe, and then I started getting the tunnel vision. I had to crouch back down or else I would have fallen over. This is also due to the fact I am a tall individual and that may have happened to me even if I hadn't taken a hit of weed, sometimes from gravity, if my leg circulation was cut off, the blood will drain into my legs pulling a lot out of my brain, thus causing me to pass out. I just have to learn to be careful, but weed smoking definitely didn't help the cause in that particular situation, I will tell you that much. Werd.

  16. I'm glad that's never happened to me....I think I would stop smoking if it did.
  17. MMMMMMmmmmmmm.......Now I want some KFC. I wonder if the cafeteria has fried chicken today, cuz that would be close enough. Now back to your regularly scheduled thread.
  18. around here an elevator is when you crouch down, take some deep breaths (to get that dizzy feeling), then take a huge shotty while you're standing up. it's almost gauranteed to make you pass out (or come close to it). so i did this, plus i have low blood pressure, and stood up a bit too quick. i held the hit for a little and everything got all dark and i got dizzy as shit. i sat down to collect myself. had i stayed standing i woulda hit the ground like a sack of bricks.
  19. Cottons, on a completely different topic, pulled out of nowhere, what's the deal with your avatar? :)
  20. it's a cross between Nubbin's avatar (the Ice Cream Man) and some dude with all these crazy piercings... namron was who came up with the idea of mixing the two.

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