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  1. ok i clipped the buds off of a 4 month old plant.

    chopped it down to nuthin almost and thru out the others but left one plant in with the 24/0 light cycle.

    looking good actually...this is about 3 weeks after bud removal. ill let ya all know what kind of yield i get but im gonna try this with my next round of seeds also.

    lol kinda looks like basil right thatsa italian

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  2. How much bud did you get?
  3. oh i got about 26 grams off of this plant.
  4. Very interesting post, I for one will be looking forward to hearing how it goes.Please keep us informed froggy.
    lots of luck !!
  5. such a small plant with its fully formed adult root system is gonna grow like crazy! dont 4get tho that ur soil is gonna b well past its best b4 date by now and all the good stuff will have been eaten.. have u thought of making a weeker feed mix but feeding more often? i find that works well 4 me.
  6. Good Luck Man!!!!!
  7. i cut up the roots a bit...and repotted them. and yea the get a steady stream of nut's and other good stuff. 430hps with some CF for veggin help.

    i really think that im prob just gonna use her as a mama plant and for seed production. its mango.
  8. Good choice for a mother. Did you know that Mango won third prize (Indica class ) at this years cannabis cup in Amsterdam ?.

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