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  1. I recently went for a drug screen at ECS Safety in Alberta, Canada and tried to use the Monkey Whizz kit. The kit contains 3oz of urine and when I went to the test center, I was shown a glass that had to contain at least 4-6oz of sample. When I returned, the nurse threw my sample down the drain as she said it was not enough and to go into the lobby and consume water for a second test. As this would have me failing the test, I declined and was told that it was going on my record as refusing to urinate. As well, be careful of the smell as they check that too these days. While I'm sure that the urine would have passed if allowed, this is a heads up to anyone contemplating going this route.

  2. i think they check if its warm too. so they wouldve made you stay for a 2nd one for that reason also
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    ^Sure do, most at least.
    Substitution can and does work, if you can pull it off and you use the right stuff.
  4. In reply to Jayohe12: There was no issue with the temperature as there was a thermometer strip on the outside of the cup and it was registering 98 degrees F or 36.66 degrees C up here in Canada when submitted. Her main concern was volume of the sample. I suspect that these good folks were aware of the volume of the kit and as such use this as a way to determine whether or not synthetic urine is being used. Being a light smoker, perhaps half a joint every 2 days or so, perhaps I will try a cleansing agent instead. Any suggestions on a product that might expedite this process?

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