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CBD Oil RE: Saving on CBD oil

Discussion in 'CBD Oil' started by Manannán, Jun 1, 2019.

  1. Hi so my friend asked me to help him make it because he's spending too much every month. He said his friend can get bud, leaf, and stems but for one, he can't take thc which his friend doesn't grow hemp and two, there isn't sufficient amounts of cbd in the leaves and stems. I'm wondering if I would be saving him coin by getting hemp flower online and making oil verses buying it at the health store, e.g. $50 homemade coconut oil method out of 1/2 oz vs. $50 bottle from health food store. Or is there cheaper Co2 manufactured stuff online?
  2. You can get CBD isolate at a number of places on line. This is the company I use CBD Store | Buy CBD Products Online | CBD For Sale | The CBDistillery You can certainly make it much less expensively in what ever dose you decide. Good luck. It's kind of you to help your buddy out.
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    You’re right. The unwarranted price of cbd is being driven astronomically high with all the hype. I’ve been buying a brand called Green Serene Extra 1500. It’s a full spectrum with .27% thc, a decent terpene profile and some secondary cannabinoids. At $60 per 30ml. it’s the cheapest I’ve been able to find that I feel comfortable with. That’s still a ridiculous price. Containing 1500mg, if you do the math the cost is literally comparable to the price of gold! Sobering thought!

    And yes, isolates are more reasonably priced but I just don’t get a similar effect as I do with a full spectrum product. I’ve tried reconstituting it with some Terpenes and adding a small amount of sativa tincture but the replicated product isn’t measuring up yet.

    I’ve recently purchased some “hemp” seeds that actually have some genetics of some high cbd cannabis saliva. Looking forward to getting a grow started and turn my back on all of these “green gold diggers”!

    Good luck
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  4. Where did you get your seeds?
  5. Finding hemp seeds is no problem if you want 30,000 of them. Finding small amounts can be a bit challenging.

    I ordered 5 fem Cherry Wine for $20 from Theseedchoice.
  6. Totally sold out :( Best I found was 3 Medikit from buddah seeds at seedsman. Kind of hard to find. So what is the source you can get the bulk seeds from, I'm trying to get into the business?
  7. For real!! Our state legalized hemp agriculture the first of the year. When I checked into it there had been 102 applicants of which only 2 were rejected. License surprisingly only cost $100 but the big stumbling block for most entrepreneurs here is the fact you must presently be an established farmer. It’s a bit of a stretch to even call my operation a hobby farm with a small hay lot, 2 horses and 3 cats but amazingly I qualified. There’s one farmer in our immediate area that’s taking the plunge with 16 acres. He scared me when he said seed cost was over $1k an acre and if the state tested his plants and found thc higher than .3% they destroyed the crop and could possibly levy some very stiff fines. That’s putting a lot of faith in the seed suppliers! I backed out.

    It’s been a few months but I’ll try to retrace my tracks and ferret out some suppliers. Since I posted the link that I used I did look in and saw they were sold out. Sorry. Looks like this could be a pretty lucrative venture and it seems demand is outpacing supply right now.
  8. Ya it'd cost about 4k to be legal and then I'd have to agree for the cops to pull over any deliveries and search the entire vehicle at any time plus put cameras up they can access. Then there's the tax increase which is ludicrous, I opted to just stay under the limit for personal uses. Thanks so much for looking around, I actually started and going through all their sites to find the ones that sell affordable hemp seeds is mind numbing, I just got six medikit from seedsman for $50. I think he'll be good with those.
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