Re: China Earthquake caused by HAARP weapon

Discussion in 'Science and Nature' started by g0pher, May 25, 2008.

  1. yeah interesting, but I don't trust anything from La Rouche. Fuckin scary ass political cult, always trying to recruit on campus here...
  2. You don't trust me, is that it?!
  3. I checked out the link you gave on Lyndon LaRouche and actually I found myself identifying and agreeing with most of the work that he's been doing.

    What's your beef with him? He seems like a vital citizen, that's standing up and speaking when everybody else is getting sucked down a slippery slope into fascism.

    Never Mind WWIII
  4. Oh and btw, HAARP is just the American emplementation of Tesla's work. Remember the 'broadcasting tower' that tesla built in new york? Same thing, that tower caused the explosion that happened in Siberia russia, that was said to have been a comet. It was no comet, it was done in the exact same way.

  5. You sure you believe all of the New World Order stuff? :)
  6. Very interesting, very troubling.:(

    In case anyone has forgotten, the phrase 'New World Order' was popularized by the current american president's dad. The other evil Bush. Here he is set to music!

    Listen for the sample!

    Amazingly enough, the letters NWO came to symbolize a fake wrestling guild in the USA, shortly after the release of this song.

    A hijacked acronym?
  7. Can someone put in laymans terms <_<
  8. No offense to you all, but this is pretty retarded imo. An earthquake is usually just an earthquake. Remember Occam's razor, the simplest solution is usually the best. There's been earthquakes in China before, this is 99.999999% probably just another one of those
  9. That's why they did it. Plausible denial ability.

    Look at how they are treating the catastrophe's that are happening in Asia and around India. These are american covert attacks in order to to build public opinion for an attack.

    WWIII tensions have been building since the Iraq and Afganistan invasions. Do you know where those two countries are on a map?

    Now in Canada our Prime Minister is calling for more spending so that 'we can be a player' in world affairs.

    What is this a game of Risk? Do these nuckle heads want to bring us back 1000 years or more? The way that we are treating the environment, it feels like end game more and more every day.:mad:
  10. ^There's not one bit of evidence in any of the ridiculous conspiracy theories you just made. Except the WWIII tensions thing, which is stupid, because any time there is a war, worldwide tensions rise. That doesn't mean there's a global conspiracy to create another world war. Give me some evidence for any of the claims you just made, and we'll talk. Hell, even give me a good reason for why you think our world leaders want to create another world war. I honestly want to hear what you come up with.
  11. how bout the big $$$? aside from the population control agenda that such a war would serve in our day and age.

    EDIT: before youre so quick to say theres not one shread of evidence for the claims it would be wise to research the topic. what you meant is there is no evidence that YOU know of.

    EDIT #2: btw, its not like everybody is in on the NWO agenda, but the UN has everybody by the balls. and the UN is run by the zionist elites who are in such positions of power that their actions and agendas hardly matter if theyre discovered by a few people. a few people are disposable if necessary. its the masses they fear.
  12. What I meant by no evidence was there's no evidence in his post. If you want to show me some evidence, go for it.

    So you think that the leaders of our countries, who aren't exactly poor to begin with, are going to sacrifice their people just to make some cash? Come on man, be realistic. There are so many flaws with that idea. First of all, a conspiracy of that magnitude would get leaked immediately, and the entire world would know before the conspiracy even got off the ground. Second, because our world is so heavily armed with nuclear weapons, the quality of living for everyone, including presidents (and the UN I guess...), would go down immensely, and that's not even considering the loss of life. World leaders are still people, ya know. Just like you and me. They wouldn't all just be okay with killing mass amounts of humans.

    As for the idea that population control is behind a conspiracy to create a world war, and that somehow a Chinese earthquake is related to that, it's just illogical. I mean, when Earth can't support its population, it just kills the weak off. There's no need for population control, because people are going to die either way. The Earth will kill some of us (the weak) off when it can't support us. We don't need to do it ourselves, and it doesn't help ANYONE to cause a world war simply to kill some people.
  13. I'm sorry man, but the NWO is old news. You can draw all the connections you want between things happening all over the world and say there are hidden people behind them and it's all sinister or what-have-you. :) You're not the first to believe in it full-heartedly, as you know, and disproved even if it could be, you would not be the last.

    EDIT: To speak with authority on this issue, I'd hope you could at least scan, say, one document you have on the NWO that was not found through Internet research you've done.

  14. That is exactly what it is. The rich and powerful want to control as many nouns as possible, they are using deceit to move us toward the North American Union.

    It's time to claim our sovereignty and stop the tyrany.
  15. wow that was the most boring fuckin video ive ever seen jeesis

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