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  1. Back at it kids new beginnings.....sfv og and headband to get started. Got many more coming in the next coupleweeks gonna be cloning like made. They are under a 400 MH hortilux just moved them from flouro to the bigger light zo thats why its so far away gonna move it closer tmrw. IMG_20140212_210635.jpg IMG_20140212_210646.jpg IMG_20140212_210656.jpg IMG_20140212_210703.jpg IMG_20140212_210709.jpg IMG_20140212_210714.jpg IMG_20140212_212337.jpg IMG_20140212_212349.jpg
  2. Subbbed..

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  3. Subbed up to , like to see people grow pretty plants.
  4. hey buddy subbin in to see you do some work as usual. are you doing indoor?
  5. If ur wondering what the metal pot is next to the light thata a sulfur burner we rocked a 2 hour burn the other night clear the club clones of any pest or mold/mildew if they had any. They look pret t y healthy especially the bushy sfvs the headbands are the yellowed out skinnies but watch once tplanted in a few days they will come backwith a vengeance.
  6. yes were doing 4 600s at first then the tent will be used for cloning and mothers as were supplying clubs and friends this year for the outdoor season. Gonna start my seeds here too as well for my outdoor. So stay tuned got lots going on this year. Lots of new genes too.
  7. And as always glad to have u aroundGus. U been around since my first journals hehe.
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    fantastic man! cant wait to see all the craziness that happens in here this year. glad to be around. you kill it outdoors but i'm anxious to see what you do inside. good luck brotha :wave:
  9. I have pix in my old journal of some indo flowers but were getting a bit more serious with it this time.
  10. Subbed. I was just lookin at your stuff in the outdoor thread. Good luck!
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    Thanks moonkin been a few months since I have had my indo running. Been missing it greatly had a buddy who was in dire financial straits but had this great space to grow and i have all the equipment so we put our stuff together and got something going.
  12. Mr Dean, there better be room for ya boy, ill be over here in there corner smoking this joint covered in cookies oil
  13. So which seeds are you starting?
  14. no idea yet bud so many to choose from and not needing to start any till April so gottime to choose.
  15. You start some for indoor moms too ya know ;-) just so you know if these plants of mine go crazy and outgrow me I'm bringing them out there and dropping at your door step haha
  16. Im up in here if you dont mind :)

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  17. What up krunk, your like our little adopted brother from the east just wouldn't be the same without ya ;-)
  18. Haha sweeeeet!

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  19. I agree. I always forget hes on the East always thinkin hes a Nor Calresident by all his presence on our threads. Its welcome ur always a positive presence Krunk. :)
  20. oh i know we will see what happens after we get all our clones in first.

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