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  1. Rayman Shakuri from San Diego California just saying hello. 

  2. Hey Rayman, what's good bud? where from in San Diego are you from?
  3. Hey Disel, I'm based at Gaslamp Quarter. I run a restaurant there, the area is nice but there's lots of scams and frauds taking part at the moment.
  4. Sorry to hear that man. what type of scams/fraud is going down in Gaslamp?
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    hey diesel, there are several. One of them was dry cleaning bills from people who apparently had food spilled on them so, they wanted to be reimbursed. I didn't think much of it after I started noticing a pattern and realizing it was a scam. then, of course I get the usual old dine-and-dash scam...
    Rayman Shakuri
  6. Sorry to hear that bud. I cant believe the old dine and dash scam still works....
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    yes, the dine and dash scam is old but the scammers have sophisticated it by dressing up, which makes it hard to spot them. Instead of the obvious dine and dash, they do the opposite and behave like normal customers would do, which includes going outside for a cigarette.
    Rayman Shakuri
  8. have you reported it Rayman? it maybe a good idea installing CCTV in your restaurant...I've seen many Chinese restaurants having CCTV, i think they deal with stuff like that with people not paying, running off and assaulting the staff.
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    sounds like a good idea for sure installing cctv. I have reported to the police and the city but I always get the same standard reply from them that they would look into it. At this point, I don't have much face in them. I guess the cctv make work as a deterrent against would-be fraudsters.
    Saying this, these people know how to disguise themselves and hide their identity. I was watching this english show called the "real hustle", which is nothing short interesting. Scammers really know their art, it seems.
    Rayman Shakuri
  10. man, San Diego is infested with scammers everywhere and the biggest ones are the ones sitting in office! Still, you gotta be weary of wanna be scammers...just now there's a lottery scam that uses the official San Diego County seal and appears to be targeting veterans and senior citizens.
  11. Welcome to GC! L.A. area here.

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