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  1. Anybody here prefer them? I've been smoking for 4 years and believe it or not rolled and smoked my first joint all to myself. I fucking loved it. It was the perfect amount of high for what I needed.

    Anyways I'm Buying papers and want to know if anybody likes RAW or can recommend a different brand. I'm not into flavored papers. Thanks.
  2. I didn't think I'd be into flavored papers... then I tried juicy jays. I'd say they're worth having at least.

    I think raws are fine, but I'd suggest Zig-Zags, any work but orange are my zigs of choice.
  3. My favorite all time paper is the rizla green. they're harder to find in the states, but are worth any time looking for them. They're a medium thickness paper, with the corners on the non-gummed side cut, making them soooo much easier to roll with. Coming from someone who handrolled cigarettes for almost a year, the rizla green are awesome.
  4. I think randy's papers are cool. They have a metal wire in them for a handle.
    Clear are what i use, but can take some getting used to. If you have problems seeing, those aren't for you.

    There are a million different brands of flavored papers, the simpler tastes are what I prefer. Amaretto is good.

    The biggest papers you can find are the best:smoking:
  5. Definitely go with the RAWS! Not only are they unbleached(non-white) but they have a gum that isn't sticky until you lick it. I like this because the weed doesn't stick to it like a Juicy Jay or Zig-zag. Don't get me wrong they aren't supposed to be sticky but they are. Plus raws are super thin, which I always like.
  6. RAWs smoke well, but they are a bit harder to roll. I'd give them a try if I were you unless you still need to work on your rolling skills.
  7. Can you use a king size rolling machine for regular sized papers?
  8. These are my favourite.... OCB king size. Slim.


    And here is the finished product i roll with them.


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