raw cauliflower after taste

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  1. does anyone else get nasty raw cauliflower burps after eating a bit of raw cauliflower?

    i just had a piece of raw cauliflower and fuck i hate the taste constantly coming up, its a worse taste than when it goes down. not neccesarily a burp but the taste coming up it feels like. also happens with popcorn i find and some pepperetes do it to me too. i think beef pepperetes, i forget what kind they were where it kept happening to me.

    what other foods does it happen with?
  2. foods such as broccoli, cauliflower, onions, asparagrus, eggs, beans, and bananas contain sulfer which when being broken down in the stomach will cause the gases to taste and smell much less than appealing. continue on eating these good foods. youll eventually get used to the tastes but the smelly burps might be another story., lol.
  3. they don't really taste too bad going down. cauliflower doesn't taste great by any means but it doesn't taste bad. i only eat it cause its healthy. it doesn't ever happen to me with eggs,beans,bananas or broccoli. are you sure it's the sulphur?

    cauliflower and broccoli steamed with some butter is fucking delicious. :D

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