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Rattlesnake Bobs South Florida High Grade

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by Rattlesnake Bob, Jun 21, 2013.

  1. #1 Rattlesnake Bob, Jun 21, 2013
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    herbs, oil, hash, glass, milks, etc

    oils are all homemade unless otherwise noted, hashes are all purchased unless otherwise noted


    cheese.jpg cheesebho1.jpg cheesebho2.jpg cheesebho3.jpg cheesebho4.jpg cheesebho5.jpg cheesewax.jpg

    ghost og
    DSCN5255.JPG DSCN5237.JPG DSCN5238.JPG

    sour diesel
    DSCN5244.JPG DSCN5246.JPG DSCN5248.JPG

    bubble hash run


    glass: most is mine, some belongs to friends

    vertigo, royal, borofarm, lurch, slinger, snic, sherbet, shade, lion

    sg, sgw, toro/dwreck, vertigo

    borofarm, alex inwood, snic, unknown

    sgw, lurch
    DSCN5573.JPG, sg, rusty, slinger

    vertigo, royal

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    I wish their was BHO up here in Bumfuck SC.
  3. Hash slinging slasher...classic. Im from south florida and yes, do you guys have some dank. My cousin hooked me up when I visited and whew I literally tripped smoking that weed. I like my atl weed tho personally
  4. bail jait - make your own!

    ezwolfer - thank you! spent some time in atl a few years back, i like it a lot up there

    purple diesel
    purplediesel.jpg purpledieselbho1.jpg purpledieselbho2.jpg purpledieselwax.jpg

    mango.JPG mangobho1.JPG mangobho2.JPG mangobho3.JPG


    slinger, royal x3, lurch, vince p

    freeek, royal, kevin murray, lurch, ai
  5. Everything's looking awesome man.. Smoke/Dab on

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  6. thank you

    gorilla grape
    DSCN5197.JPG DSCN5195.JPG DSCN5196.JPG

    blue dream
    DSCN5152.JPG DSCN5160.JPG DSCN5161.JPG


    borofarm sidecar, hollow crown's smolder hammer

    borofarm dries
    DSCN4518.JPG DSCN4520.JPG

    with the kevin murray
  7. orange crush
    orangecrush.JPG orangecrushbho1.JPG orangecrushbho2.JPG

    friends mothership faberge
    DSCN5505.JPG DSCN5506.JPG DSCN5507.JPG
  8. gdp
    gdp.jpg gdpbho1.jpg gdpbho2.jpg gdpbho3.jpg gdpwax.jpg

    la confidential
    laconfidential.JPG laconfidentialbho1.jpg laconfidentialbho2.JPG
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    kevin murray minitube, shops pics then my pics
    1999_553509588006281_1645227285_n.jpg 11956_553509724672934_1117597426_n.jpg 72916_553509578006282_657788923_n.jpg 154799_553509754672931_375584070_n.jpg 549446_553509641339609_579182074_n.jpg 555983_553509711339602_1565325642_n.jpg 560015_553509684672938_1601537223_n.jpg 578192_553509591339614_2077040569_n.jpg 579703_553509778006262_287380959_n.jpg 579703_553509778006262_287380959_n.jpg DSCN5339.JPG DSCN5338.JPG DSCN5341.JPG

    Attached Files:

  10. blueberry
    blueberry2.JPG blueberry2bho1.JPG blueberry2bho2.JPG

    lemon haze
    lemonhaze.JPG lemonhazebho1.JPG lemonhazebho2.JPG
  11. Some gorgeous glass and mouthwatering bud... Subbed :smoking:
  12. Great glass and smoke material ya got there Rattlesnake.  I'd love to try making shatter but just never got around to taking my dank buds and playing chemist.  
    You have Abby's?  I've had 2, my current one is named Abby and also have a Bengal called Keela.  The two of them are a blast.  It's like living in a Jungle at my house watching them do their thing running around inside with all my plants and some other exotic pets.  Abyssinians' are really chill cats.  They've got that wild Cougar look.
  13. #13 Rattlesnake Bob, Jun 22, 2013
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    thank you! much more to come

    thanks! if you decide to and have any questions feel free to holler at me. about the abyssinians yeah my best friend has two of them and has had them his whole life growing up, funny one of his is named abby also. they're cool but i've gotta make sure to keep my buds and oil away while they're in the room, they like to eat it haha. fun cats to play with very cougary/panthery agreed

    white russian
    whiterussian.JPG whiterussianbho1.JPG whiterussianbho2.jpg
  14. OK, if I decide to make some shatter, I'd have to use buds since I don't have any cheap trim or schwag to experiment with.  How much good weed would I need to make a decent size "batch".  Does the shatter have the same taste as the weed it comes from?  If so, how can trim taste good because smoking it sucks.  
    I just got an oz of Pineapple Kush so right now I've got plenty of good weed to experiment with.  I've also got several types of good weed I keep in my "weed cellar" for variety so I guess I could mix several strains.  I'd be willing to use maybe 1/4oz of good bud for starters, if it turns out well, who knows from there.  BTW....I've got a background in Chemistry so most of the techniques using solvents are familiar to me, but I haven't been in a lab since my College days.
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    pineapple.jpg pineapplebho1.JPG pineapplebho2.jpg

    royal rig
    royal-worked-rainbow-oiler.jpg royal-worked-rainbow-oiler_3.jpg royal-worked-rainbow-oiler_2.jpg royal-worked-rainbow-oiler_5.jpg royal-woked-rainbow-oiler_4.jpg

    friends sasha hess & slinger rigs w/ the kevin murray
  16. #17 Rattlesnake Bob, Jul 4, 2013
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    first of all sorry i didn't see this till now! alright so as far as a decent sized batch goes, that 1/4th zip of nugs you spoke of sounds perfect for starters. depending on a few different factors you should yeild anywhere from a gram to 1.4.

    shatter will have the same overall flavor of the strain trim or nug but trim can definitely have a... plantier taste to it depending on if it's a lot of fan leaves or if it's really frosty larf or sugar trim, but nug runs will always taste prime assuming the nugs are tasty to begin with. drop a line if you need any help getting your tek down, for what it's worth my runs are all from purchased nugs as well as i don't have any access to trim or super cheap buds either

    vertigo showerhead
    vertigo-worked-showerhead-bubbler.jpg vertigo-worked-showerhead-bubbler_2.jpg vertigo-worked-showerhead-bubbler_3.jpg vertigo-worked-showerhead-bubbler_4.jpg vertigo-worked-showerhead-bubbler_3.jpg

    DSCN5009.JPG DSCN5014.JPG DSCN5017.JPG
  17. ^^^  Thanks for the info, now I really want to try it.  I'll drop you a PM in a few days for some information on doing it right.  THANKS!!!
  18. no offense, but why do you need so much glass? waste of money if you ask me...

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