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Rather Potent Marijuana

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by thesavagepony, Aug 9, 2011.

  1. #1 thesavagepony, Aug 9, 2011
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    K, so I don't take pictures of my weed much but every now and then when I find some really interesting looking bud I'll snap a pic. I don't have a great camera, I swear only some of the pictures do these pickups justice. If you dont keep your hand completely still when taking pics with the iphone 4, it get's blurry, and certain lights seem to fuck up the photos. Anyways...

    Edit: Ah shit, the pics are too big... fuck. I'll resize them ASAP, it's just a lot of fucking work to take pics and then have to resize, grr.

    Ghost Dawg:
    Wish I had more pics of this one, the nugs were ridiculously dense, probably the densest weed I've ever smoked.

    I forgot what weed this was:

    L.A. Confidential x Cheese, very frosty.

    Ogiesel (Sour D X OG Kush) Tastes super nice, good high

    OG Platinum Kush: Recently I've been a heavy smoker, and have had some over the top 9 bowl + 2 hour sessions of smoking. I can get very high off just one bowl of this. This weed has to be seen in person, it's honestly the "prettiest" weed I've smoked in a long, long time. Very white with a dark purple, lots of orange and some green mixed in. Looks cool.

    Blue Venom - Oh my god, this shit is so fire. It tastes so bomb... And I get really high off just a bowl or two, generally it takes me a loot looot more. I went into the mmj club high off this and could barely buy more weed. They were like, "Oh have you tried the blue venom? It's bomb." And I'm like ".. yuuupp."

    Satellite Kush; Free Gram for filling out a 2 minute survey:

    My current stash of me only weed, aka not what I'm packin when theres a roto of 5 heads going around:

    Attached Files:

  2. Nice buds, the pics make it look like more than one strain. But they look nice.
  3. Right, there are a bunch of different strains there. I listed a lil description between each break in the strains.
  4. Looks super nice man. :smoke:
  5. holy shit, the first picture looks like grit weed man
  6. Sorry, my bad. The pics loaded SUPER HUGE for some reason, so I just scanned to the bottom where it showed thumbnails and missed the strain names in the middle. My laptop is being a bitch right now.
  7. Really nice looking bud man. Enjoy dat. I really like the LA Confidential bud. Never tried it but like how it looks and heard of good reviews.
  8. damn that shit is dank
  9. Just smoked 2 bowls salad bowls of a little of each of those three strains in that jar: Blue Venom, OG Platinum Kush, and Satellite Kush, topped with a bunch of hash. :hello: I'm pretty much coming up with the best freestyle lines of my life on mac dre beats lmao.

  10. Looks rather potent by my standards as well good sir. :smoking:
  11. dammmmmmm! great looking stuff, wish i had access to mj like that, im greeen with envy
  12. Nice Pickup indeed.
  13. #13 thesavagepony, Aug 10, 2011
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    Someone mentioned that the first pic looked like grit weed. I actually did a search online for gritweed after picking up that weed because it was so sparkly, especially in the sunlight. Like, the crystals sparkle in a weird way that it almost has color, it was weird. I've since gotten other weed from other clubs that also sparkled like that. I never tasted anything harsh when smoking bowls of it though nor when rubbing my fngers together with the crystals on my thumb, so I'm hoping it's all good.

    Edit: How do I show the pictures in order and make them smaller but so that you can click on them and they will be larger? I've seen some people do it in other threads, and I don't mean like attaching them to a post like I did at the end of the first post.
  14. dankk maaan
  15. That venom shit looks the best.
  16. The venom is crazy, I've never seen a weed this color before and the other venom pics I can find on google don't really look like it. The bud is a really weird white green color, very different from the usual lime green dank color.
  17. My god... <3
  18. that blue venom looks redic!! straight fire man, all bomb strains!!

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